How Meditation Affects You Mind And Body

Habit is a routine of behaviour its effects on the body in two ways may be positive or negative. So before knowing about habits you should know the different affection which we feel in our body.

It depends upon the way which you follow like oversleeping habits which give a negative effect on the body and if you Wake up early in the morning this habit gives a positive effect on the body. If you have a collection of bad norms like poor nutrition, Improper Form Etc. It running your workout which directly effects on your fitness.

So if you want to improve your fitness follow some of these valuable habits in your routine which give good result in few days.

1. Drink Approx One Gallon Of Water

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We know our body has 45 to 60 % of water and if you do gym or workout in your home it amount is an increase. To get our body fit you have to drink 1 gallon of water on normal days. But in summer the quantity increase from 1.5 to 2 Gallon. So start this habit in a routine and remove this staple first if you want to fit.

2. Fiber Friendly Meal

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Different studies show that fiber is very useful for those who want to remove extra body fat. Fiber meals like raspberries, broccoli, oatmeal, black beans, and chia seeds are very effective and eat one of daily. Make a routine to take at most 25 g in your meals.

3. Plan Your Diet

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Make sure that you have to set up your daily diet which you eat. Everyone wants to fit and healthy but never set their diet. So the first set the diet according to your lifestyle which works for you always pay attention to what enters your stomach. Avoid junk food which comes from your car window. Prepare your own meal by themselves.

4.Warm-up & Cool Down

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In a busy schedule, you have to take some time to invest in the gym. For every meeting with Gym start your exercise with a warmup which helpful for primes your body and after work out cool down which recovers the body. So do not forget to do these habits during the workout.


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If you want muscle, six-pack and want to lose extra body you have much consistency.It is the biggest secret of one who has good body and strength so make this on your habit.

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