5 Remedies For Dry Hair During Winter Athelio

Holiday season is here and gosh are we thrilled. Its the season of gifting, celebration, family and love. Whole year, we survive on minimal self-care due to work pressure and staying busy with everything else. The weather, pollution and harsh chemicals from our everyday bathing necessities, strip off the natural oil secreted by our scalp to keep the hair clean and moisturized. During winter, it is harder on the hair as the dry breeze does double of what the whole year puts the scalp through.

But worry not, you can have it right under control with these at-home ingredients available right on the shelf :

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple For Hair Athelio Com

Apple cider vinegar reduces flaking of scalp from dryness, that leads to increase of dandruff. It is also known to clean residual elements from hair gel, serums that sticks to the follicles damaging them steadily. If you’re blessed with thick bouncy curls, apple cider vinegar shampoo can de-tangle the hair easily, preserving the curls, reducing the frizzles of the hair. If you use apple cider vinegar daily, blood circulation through the scalp will be helping out in hair growth as well.

2. Almond Oil

Almond Oil Athelio Com

If you want a silky and shiny look on your hair, almond oil is the answer. Well-supplied with magnesium, vitamin E and fatty-acids, the oil can strengthen the follicles, reducing hair-fall and limp cuticles. Massaging almond oil to have it on overnight will add a healthy shine to the follicles. Remember to warm up the oil, massage from scalp to tip to leave overnight. Shampoo using sulfate-free shampoo for best results.

3. Eggs

Eggs For Hair Athelio Com

Lutein in eggs can help to lock moisture in follicles, hydrating the hair thoroughly. Albumin present in egg white is a rich source of protein that helps strengthening the roots, preventing excessive hair-fall. The yolk on the other hand, is rich folic acid that the hair absorbs in as natural conditioner, providing luster and softness to the hair. You can add hair to milk and apply the mixture from scalp to tip. Keep it for around 15 minutes to wash off with a mild shampoo.

4. Mayonnaise

Mayo For Hair Athelio Com

Yes, your favorite dip might be better for the hair than nachos and chips. Due to its ingredients and their benefits to health, mayonnaise makes an excellent conditioner for dry and damaged hair. It contains vinegar, lemon juice and soya oil, all of which are good source of protein and fatty acids, both of which are nourishing for the scalp. If applied weekly, it erases the dullness, limp and frizzy follicles to bouncy and healthy mane. Massage the scalp to tip with mayonnaise and cover the hair with a shower cap. Clean it off with a natural shampoo twice for better rinsing.

5. Olive Oil

Olive Oil For Hair Athelio Com

Vitamin A and E are generous in amount for olive oil. Because of this, using the oil overnight, can provide better conditioning than any branded products. It also helps in preserving oil and hydration that shampoo tends to strip off. We can combine olive oil to most hair-boosting ingredients such as coconut oil and eggs, to form an overnight pack or just a 15 minutes pre-shower booster. In both ways, olive oil works as a savior to dry and damaged hair and scalp.

Weekly treatment can help you maintain a healthy moisturized scalp throughout winter.

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