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Milk is our first introduction to food from the time we learnt to breathe. It might have not been our absolute favorite drink before playtime, and still isn’t. But with time, we learnt to incorporate milk and dairy into daily meals for the rich and beneficial nourishment.

A never-ending list of how nutritious milk is can be shortened by the following points

Protein in milk provides energy and aids in muscle and bone tissue repairing.

Calcium Builds healthier bones and teeth and helps in maintaining bone density.

Vitamin D Maintains bone strength.

Vitamin A Provides healthier glow on skin and ensures a better immunity system.

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According to research, as much as milk is healthy as drink on a daily basis, certain approaches in consumption of milk might be completely unhealthy for our bodies. Following are a few steps you ought to avoid while drinking milk-

1. Milk with Meals is Too Heavy

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Milk alone is quite filling to the stomach. Hence, drinking it immediately before or after a meal is unnecessary. It becomes overwhelming for the digestive system to ingest in one go. Since milk has all the nutrients similar toa simple meal of rice and curry, over-consumption of nutrients is not really crucial. A time break of 2 hours is optimum between consumption of milk and meals.

2. Milk and Salt Do Not Blend Well

Milk and salty food might not be good idea to be blended. Milk has specific protein-calcium compounds which is known to curdle it. As soon as salt is put into this equation, it hinders the curdling of the milk. Having salty snacks with tea or shakes might not be a good habit as it causes skin irritation and breakouts.

3. Chilled Milk is Too Heavy

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Chilled milk is not well-ingested by the body. The nutrients in milk remain dormant when chilled and does not affect the body as they should. In fact, gas and bloating are common occurrences after consuming cold milk. Heat up the milk or let it come to the room temperature before consuming it.

4. Don’t Add Sugar to Milk

Sugar makes the frothy milk tastier but it is an unhealthy habit to blend with healthy meal plans. Sugar is empty calories and contains inessential chemicals which are harmful for the body. The sugary taste that is natural in milk comes from the lactose content. Still, if you wish for a sweeter, jaggery and honey are healthier option.

5. Milk is Incompatible with Fruits

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Citrus fruits with milk is a major no-no. The acidic substances with of lime, oranges and lemons affects the milk that causes dangerous gas problems inside the stomach. It also leads to feeling nauseated and sick if both are blend together. Only Amla as a sour fruit that goes well with milk. Bananas, strawberries and other fruits which are relatively sweeter than citrus fruits, but when combined with milk, can be one heavy drink for the stomach.

Best Ways to Have Milk

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Drink As many glasses as you wish but do not chug in one go. Slow sipping helps with easier digestion. Drinking milk in the evening after sunset, lets the enzymes that milk produces after sunset, help in ingesting the milk. Also, milk is known to cause drowsiness. So one glass for the night is always a good option.

Milk can be obtained in India from many animals. Best for the health is cow and buffalo milk, While buffalo milk effectively increases body mass for individuals to are underweight and want to gain weight, cow milk helps with bone strength and effective weight loss regimes. If you purchase milk packets, ask for the toned milk option.

You might detest the product entirely based on how the quality has degraded over time and also due to lactose intolerance. But worry not, there is also a proper way to have the body ready to ingest milk without affecting the system.

  • Let milk boil on low flow and simply add a tablespoon of dried ginger.
  • Get the milk to simmer and bring it to room temperature
  • Pour small quantity on first go and increase the portion gradually

This helps with braces up the digestive system to accept milk without any side-effects.

Drink milk for energy, drink for strength. Milk is second to water as a natural energy drink that boosts the body to perform to its maximum limit.


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