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Be it dates, formal or informal meets, keeping a fresh mouth has been on number one on the agenda. And why not, most of the work we do to impress by speaking our mind. But a whiff of bad breath traveling to our observer’s nose would be a nasty first or any impression.

But through a few natural tips, you can have a fresh breath and a clean mouth for your health and impression.

1. Not Enough Zinc in Your Food

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Zinc is required in the body to reduce germs and bacteria. giving you proper oral health. But in its lack, the mouth can store cavities and germs within, giving off a stale breath. Beans, nuts, and seafood are rich in zinc mineral that helps you solve the problem of bad breath from within.

2. Probiotic Deficiency

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At times, built up toxins in our system can be poor for our health, in the system as well as orally. This can lead to bad breath even if you keep a healthy mouth. In such cases, eat probiotic-rich food such as kimchi, yogurt, pickles, and buttermilk as they provide the body with healthy nutrition that is required to help in the digestive functions.

3. Dehydration or Not drinking Adequate Amount of Water

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When you don’t drink enough water, chances are that your mouth might stink in all the wrong moments. The dead cells in the mouth get stored around and on the tongue giving a nasty bad breath. Drinking water will have the mouth produce saliva that kills off the bacteria that occur from the accumulation of dead cells.

4. Not Having Any Superfood Drink Like Green Tea

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Tea is refreshing to the body as well have a lot of good effects in the system. Green tea flushes out the toxins of the body by purifying the blood. It also reduces the Uric acid in the kidneys, which helps to remove bad breath from our mouth. Also by adding mint in the green tea will give you a refreshing experience from the first sip.

5. Less Green Veggies in Your Diet

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Green veggies do to your mouth what daily tongue cleaning achieves. If you consume raw veggies, it will help to remove plagues from the tongue. This will carry away the dead cells and germs that when decomposed inside the mouth, release a stinky smell. Veggies also boost immunity and digestive functions, keeping no amounts of toxins in the body to take over.

These few points plus daily brushing, cleaning and flossing your mouth will give you the brightest of the smiles and a fresh charming mouth.

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