You’re hitting the gym every day, doing all the exercise be it cardio, weight training, eating the right kind of food, maintaining your diet but you are not satisfied with the results.

Instead of gaining the muscle you seem to have developed an extra layer of fat. You are working so hard for your lean muscular body yet it is not achievable. There could be many reasons behind this

Your diet should have protein, lots of protein

First step to achieve that chiseled body is to make few radical changes in your diet. Ironically, most people either fail to understand this point or neglect it. You need to understand two basic thumb rules:

1. Protein builds muscle. You must take 1-1.2 gm protein per kg of your weight per day. For e.g. if you weigh 75 kg you must intake 75-90 gm protein everyday.

2. Keep your calorie intake less than what your body needs. You can use calorie calculators like this to check your calorie requirement. Consume lesser calories than you need till the time you need to lose weight and then eat required amount to maintain that weight.

The first meal should be consumed within an hour of waking up including 20-40 grams of protein. Foods like protein pancakes, smoothies or shakes with Protein, Yogurt, Oatmeals and nuts are all your morning maximisers. Similarly, the last meal called as the bedtime belly fat burner; should be consumed at least two hours before sleeping.

Make a chart of what you eat and what you should Eat

This might sound silly and is again neglected by most of the people. Please make an excel sheet or just write it down on a paper about what you eat everyday, how much calorie does each item has, how much protein does it has etc. This would give you an actual idea of what all changes you have to make to achieve your goal.

Keep a check on your stress levels

The stress hormone, cortisol can also interfere with your gains. You need to manage your stress in order to keep your cortisol hormone within limits. A continuous nap of 6-8 hours is a must. You can even try meditation and diaphragmatic breathing to lower your stress levels.

Focus on Fitness Training

You can pick from different types of fitness training – Circuit training, Strength training, Static training, Flexibility exercises or Aerobic exercises. Pick the one that suits you the best. Nowadays, new training formats are getting popular like crossfit, tabata etc that focus more on compound and functional exercises.

Its true that there is no shortcut which does not involve hard work and sweat. All you can do is optimise your efforts and maximise the output by making smart choices. Good luck!

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