Are you scared of carbs? Can you answer which carbs – good or bad? I hear people often answering, what’s good carb? Carbs are bad, really bad. Actually, they are not. Instead have been misunderstood, lately.

See, good carbs are the ones that are complex while bad carbs are the simple ones. Still confused?

Let me help you – Complex carbs are the ones that are slowly absorbed by our body without raising our blood sugar levels with a spike. They are digested slowly, yielding energy as your body needs it making them good for us. These includes whole carbs like vegetable, whole fruit, legume and whole grains. On the other hand, simple carbs like processed sugar, white bread, pasta, white rice are immediately converted into glucose thereby increasing your blood sugar levels. Incase, you can’t use this energy (or calories), it gets stored as fat into your body. If your intake of calories is more than what you burn, you’ll start gaining weight or becoming fat.

So, to cut short, its not the carbs that are making you fat but its either the unmonitored overall calories that you consume or the bad carbs that you are taking. Some bad carbs like your fries and burgers also come along with trans-fats which are extremely harmful for your body.

However, if your diet contains controlled quantities of good carbs then it is beneficial for you. Here are 5 reasons why you should be eating good carbs:

Carbs are fuel for your body

Carbs (sugar/glucose when broken down) are the most basic form of energy required by human body. Your body and brain needs energy to function properly which is provided by intake of carbohydrates.

They support metabolism

Carbohydrates keep a check on your thyroid adn supports your metabolism. A low carb diet deregulates thyroid function thereby lowering your metabolic rate which is not good for weight loss.

Carbs are nutritious

Carbs can be highly nutritious be it from fruit & vegetable sources or starches. However, your choice of starch is important – oats and sweet potatoes are better choice than pasta and bread nutritionally.

Carbs are essential for recovery

When you exercise, glycogen levels in your body depletes. In order to recover what is lost, its essential to take carbs post exercise.

Good for brain function and activeness

Shortage of carbs in your diet can degrade your concentration level and make you lethargic and dull. Compromising with any of the macro or micro nutrient will have effects on your energy, central nervous system and overall well being.

So, carbs are necessary for the body. They are essentially not the devil but your choice and dose make them one. So choose them wisely for a healthy and active body.

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