5 Quick Before Bed Workout Athelio

Throughout the day, we make it a habit to perform several little exercises through our activities. We walk to the office, take the stairs, keep away from pastries and drinks and eat healthy. But there never is truly enough for someone who is a fitness enthusiast.

Workouts Before Hitting Bed Athelio Com

We can always try a few stretching exercises that not only helps in lulling the body to sleep but reduce weight at the same time. Here are a few exercises that aids in the weight-loss program you keep yourself throughout the day :

1. Cat-Pose

  • Balance your body on your knees and palms
  • Look u, while raising your shoulders and lowering your stomach and spine towards the floor
  • Keep your buttocks pointed up
  • Keep this stance for about a few seconds, loosen the body and repeat

2. Lower Belly Lifts

  • Lie on your bed and bring your knees towards the stomach
  • Raise your knees up towards the ceiling
  • Put a little pressure on the knees to straighten the legs
  • Try 5 times

3. Windshield Wiper-Abs

  • Lie in bed and raise your legs towards the ceiling
  • Keep your hands spread out
  • Using your hands as support, lower the legs to one side
  • Stretch the legs to that side and then slowly bring them back up
  • Lower the legs to the other side in the same way
  • Alternate this position for 10 times

4. Cobra-Pose

  • Lie on your stomach and chest
  • Bend your elbows and keep your arms parallel to the chest
  • Keep the legs straight out
  • Using your elbows and palms as support, raise your torso up, looking straight
  • Stay in stance for about 5 seconds and lower your body
  • continue this for 5 counts

5. Side-Spinal Stretches

  • Lie on the bed and bend the left knee to the right side
  • Bend your neck to the opposite side to your left knee is facing
  • Place your right hand on the bend knee and the spread he left arm out on its side
  • Change the sides and repeat this exercise for 5 times


These exercises will loosen up the body and produce a relaxing feeling, as well as work on putting stress on the areas that need to shed flab.

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