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Hair is the most natural accessory someone can have. It brings definitions the different facial structures of individuals, can be shaped and styled in infinite ways. Follicles of hair required to be tend to in order to keep the roots strong.

Our mothers have had the excellent luck of having their guardian sit them down and massage oils into their hair, leading to voluminous effects which are still worth the envy. With the constant threatens from pollution and chemical-rich shampoos, follicles have their natural moisture and nutrients stripped off. This only leads to increased hair fall and limp, dry strands on the head. There is nothing like a few natural remedies to cure such hazardous conditions:

Henna with Curd and Almond Oil Mask

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Henna is known to help in reducing hair fall and providing deep conditioning. Both henna and almond oil assist in proper hair growth. Almond oil is known for its rich nutrients content that promotes better blood circulation on the scalp, does improving the health of the follicles. Henna and Almond oil works wonders with curd as while the former ingredients improves damaged follicles, curd moisturizes the hair,bringing back soft and smooth texture.

Recipe for Hair Mask

  • Mix in almond oil with 2 tablespoons of henna
  • Be sure to not have lumps formed so add curd and whisk it well for a smooth cream-like serum
  • Part the hair in small sections and use hair color brush to begin applying the mask starting at the roots
  • Make sure to even out the paste around the hair and let it rest for about 1 hour
  • Wash off with lukewarm to normal water making sure not to apply shampoo right away
  • Let the hair dry and apply warm coconut oil to keep it for a day
  • Rinse the hair off with mild shampoo and conditioner and see perfect results


Whole Eggs with Honey and Olive Oil Mask

Eggs For Hair Mask Athelio Com

Rich vitamins in egg yolk protect the hair from external damage. Vitamin A and E also helps in growth of healthy hair. It mixes well with honey that soothes infection and reduces chances of dandruff around winter. It is known as the best natural deep conditioning ingredient as it reaches the roots of follicles to remove pollutants. A splash of olive oil into this fusion and one can expect soft supple hair instead of being dry and limp.

Recipe for Mixture

  • Whisk contents of two whole eggs till frothy.
  • add 1 tablespoon of honey and olive oil each and stir the mixture
  • Use an applicator and spread this mixture evenly from scalp to tip
  • Leave it for 20 minutes and wash off thoroughly with natural shampoo and conditioner

Aloe Vera Gel

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Aloe vera is rich in enzymes that helps in restoring damaged cells helping in regrowth of hair. The gel extracted from aloe vera plant has a distinctive cooling effect that heals the scalp from irritation while also strengthening the roots to increase hair in thick volumes. Vitamins and minerals in aloe vera contributes to efficiently nourishing the hair follicles.

Recipe for Hair Mask

  • scoop out the gel from an aloe vera stick and blend it in a blender till smooth
  • Use applicator to apply it on the scalp and spread it down towards hair tips using fingers
  • keep for 60 mins and wash off with cold water
  • Can use mild shampoo to reduce the sticky aftereffect .


Coconut Oil with Curd and Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus For Hair Athelio Com

Coconut oil has been the veteran treatment for hair regrowth. Its rich anti fungal and anti-oxidants properties fights off fungus, dandruff and does an overall healing of the scalp, thereby stimulating hair growth. Hibiscus promotes faster hair growth through strengthening the follicles. It also plays the roll of a deep conditioner that penetrates the roots and gives the follicles a glossy fresh look.

Recipe for Hair Mask

  • Mix hibiscus flower and leaves to blend with water and out inside a mixture till smooth
  • Add curd to the mix and stir till all ingredients fuse smoothly
  • Apply the paste on the scalp and pull to spread it downward with a clean comb
  • Keep for about 40 mins. before rinsing it off with cold water


Coconut and Olive Oil

Olive Oil Athelio Com

What may sound like an overwhelming amount of oil, is just superbly nourishing concoction for regrowth and revitalizing the hair. While coconut oil deep conditions the roots and prevents flaking and dandruff, olive oil softens the follicles and cures split ends. A fusion made in heaven

Recipe for Hair Mask

  • Take one/two (depending on hair length) tablespoon of each oil and heat them to lukewarm
  • Use fingers to massage the scalp, slowly spreading the oil downwards
  • Massage for about 15 mins till the oil cools down
  • Keep it overnight and wash it off next day with medicated shampoo and conditioner


In case of diseases like Psoriasis, it is better to consult the doctor before any natural remedies can be tried.


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