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Short-time workouts are everyone’s favorite specially under a time-crunch. The only downside of short-time workouts are the limitations to one portion of the body. You can possibly do 5-10 minutes of full workout for just the abdomen. But what about your torso, core and glutes.

That’s why we have come up with a few minute-saving exercises that target all parts of the body through minimal regimes. All you have to do, is plank under a planned regime. Here’s how :

1. Full-Body Plank

  • Bring your upper body down on a mattress, supporting it on your arms
  • Arms should be right under the shoulders, fingers facing back
  • Use your toes to balance the lower body well
  • Make sure to have your core and glutes tight, body needs to be perpendicular to the floor
  • Maintain the posture for 1 minute and loosen the body down

2. Elbow Plank

  • Bring the upper body down in plank position by propping up till hips on your elbows
  • Arms should be facing our, elbows parallel to the torso
  • Have your legs raised straight up from the support of your toes
  • Be still in this position for 30 seconds

3. Raised Leg Plank

  • Initiate the elbow plank position and keep the body supported firmly over the elbows and toes
  • Maintaining a good core strength, raise your right leg, parallel to the shoulders
  • Bring it down after 1 second, landing on your toes
  • Raise the alternate leg and repeat the pose
  • This should be done 30 seconds for each side

4. Side Plank

  • Roll on your left side and raise your upper body up on the left elbow
  • Support the lower body on your left calf
  • Stack the right leg on your left foot
  • Maintain this position for 30 seconds
  • Initiate the same for the right side plank

5. Side-Plank Leg Raise

  • Initiate a side plank from the left side
  • Let the free hand be raised up
  • Lift up the right leg slightly
  • Keep for about a few seconds and bring it down
  • After 30 seconds of one side, roll to the other side and lift the left leg, body supporting on the right leg and elbow

6. Plank with Mountain climbers

  • Put your body down on a mat and prop yourself up to plank
  • Keeping the core and glutes intact, bring the left knee close to your abdomen
  • Extend the left knee out to bring in the right knee towards the abdomen
  • Continue this for 2 reps, 1 minute each


These exercises will make sure that your core, glutes, abdomen and thighs are toned and flexible.


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