Full Body Workout In 5 Minutes Athelio

For long, we have been going through various workout tips for different parts of our bodies. We have followed each and every workout for biceps, abs, knees, glutes, call them all. But how about taking all in one. It is important that our bodies have homogeneous amounts of fitness in all parts of the body.

It would rather look shocking with biceps and strong legs but a lower belly pooch hanging out. It is vital to prepare the body to be fitted and strong for more serious workout regimes.

Fitness Workout Athelio Com

Here are 5 exercises that will help you reshape your entire body:

1. Extreme Mountain Climbers

  • Put your body face-down, on the floor, supporting the upper body on your palm
  • Balance the legs on the toes
  • Bring your right knee close to the right shoulders
  • Take it back to position to bring alternate leg back towards left shoulders
  • Perform this exercise 10 times for 3 reps

2. Butt Lifter

  • Lie on the floor face-up
  • Bend the knees up, feet flat on the floor
  • Keep your arms straight on either sides
  • Putting pressure on your palms and feet, raise your hips of the floor
  • Keeping it up for 2 seconds, buttocks tightened, bring the hips down slowly
  • Repeat for 10 times in 2 reps

3. Reverse-Tabletop

  • Sit on the floor with palms facing front on the floor
  • Keep your legs straight ahead of you
  • Slowly, raise you upper body on your palms, putting pressure on the shoulder
  • This will cause the legs to bend, knees out and raise the thighs to be parallel to the floor
  • Keep this stance for about 5 seconds and bring it own

4. Half Push-up

  • Lie on the floor face down and raise the upper body on your palms
  • Keep your toes up, balancing the legs on the knees
  • Bring upper body down with the help of the hands, bending them to lower the chest
  • Bring it up and continue for 10 times in 2 reps

5. 1-Legged Squats

  • Stand straight and bring your hands straight in-front of you
  • Raise the right leg slightly above the ground at ground
  • With the right leg raised, bend the left leg down to proceed squatting on one leg
  • Remember to keep the hands straight in-front and right toes not touching the floor
  • Keep this stance for a second and resume up to standing position
  • Continue this for 10 counts in 3 reps

Whole body exercise acts not only as warm-ups but provides agility and strength to the body and core.

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