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Our lives have become a viscous circle of work, sleep, eat and repeat. All of them affect the body different if not done in moderation. Exercise in present times is of utmost importance if you wish to keep your body and bones, most importantly, system healthy and running.

Fat accumulation in the stomach can be a grave matter of discomfort an body image issues. And how wouldn’t it be, clothes do not fit well, how we look affects us, the slight bulge in-front of the tummy while sitting, none are positive signs. As a matter of fact, our health gradually deteriorates thanks to obesity and B.M.I. soaring higher than what our system can function with.

Let us check out these time-effective abs exercises that not only promises a washboard abdomen in no time, but keeps the body fit and healthy, brimming with confidence.

Women Abdomen Athelio Com

1. Mountain Climbers

The overall warm-up cum workout is the best way to put pressure on the stomach flab. Balance and upper body strength comes into work whilst you work this stance out. Following are the steps for proper mountain climbing workout-

  • On a foam yoga mat, position yourself on all four’s, similar to how it is before planking.
  • Raise the upper body on the palms and shift the weight of the lower body on the toes
  • Bring forth one leg closer to the stomach, keeping for about 2 seconds
  • While one leg is bet front, keep the entire lower body weight on the other rested leg
  • Take the front leg back to its original position and repeat with the other leg
  • Alternate this stance for 15 times in 3 reps

2. Side-Steps while Planking

The core energy plays a vital role in this workout. Not only balance but endurance aids in practicing planks on a regular basis. Side-stepping or step ups are important to warm the body up before workouts, but how about integrating one into planking. Let us find out how-

  • Bring the body down to planking position and keep the arms rested on the mat
  • Make sure the spine is parallel to the body and the abdomen is inhaled in as much possible
  • When the pose is stable, stick out on leg and rest it for about 2 seconds
  • Bring it back and stick out the alternate leg, keeping the balance on the toes
  • Continue for 15 times in 3 reps each

3. Bicycle-Crunches

Bicycle crunches not only target the abdomen but also the waist fat composition and flexibility of the body. It is important to warm the body up with a few light exercise as the movements along the necks and spine should not be risked. Know the steps of how to perform it-

  • On a mat, lie on your beck with the lower back pressed to the ground
  • Bring your hands at the back of your head and legs
  • Bend back the left leg towards the abdomen
  • Let the right elbow reach the left knee bent while raising the upper body towards it
  • Make sure not to bend the neck in-front
  • Alter this with left elbow right leg and continue for 15 times in 3 reps each

4. Elbow Twist Planking

Just like how side-bending provides pressure to the waist area, elbow planking gives the same effect but with more intensity. Side fat can be tricky to get rid off. Normal frontal abs exercise does not provide adequate burnout for side fat. Let us look at how elbow twist planking works

  • Prop your body up from one side on your elbow(say left)
  • Make sure to keep two legs on top of another while side planking for better pressure on the body
  • Keep the right arm over the head and bring it down, twisting the hips along with it.
  • Keep the stance for about 1 second and bring up to bend down again.
  • Be sure to balance the body on the elbows perfectly so no joint sprains do not appear

5. Tabletop Position

Table-top position might be the most intricate and challenging stance for one to keep. Flexibility of joints are tested in this workout. Following are the points to be followed for this workout-

  • Bring your body to a stance like a table, with palms directly under the shoulders and feet directly below the knee joints
  • On exhaling, bring the body down only to have the hips hover over the map, legs should be come in a way that the toes are raised up and lower body resting on the heels
  • On inhaling, raise the body back up slowly to the table-top position.
  • This 2 count as a single rep. Do as many as you can under one single rep without risking a sprain.

In case of ailments that promote fat decomposition faster inside the body without easy methods to flush it out, consult a dietician for a medicated diet chart to bring down body weight.


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