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There are only good things we can say and receive from fruits. Well-supplied with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, fruits pack a punch when it comes to providing with a healthier lifestyle and diet regime. Due to its medicinal properties, many fruits help us get rid of toxins in our bodies that normally can cause ailments or even have a hand in storing excess fat in the body.

With our work-lives taking the wheel, regular workouts or maintaining strict food habits might be problematic. But the fruits we shall discuss of today, are no only cost-friendly, but are affordable at all food-marts and grocery stores. Here are 5 top fruits that shall help you cut down that extra fat and flab in the body :

1. Pears

Pears Fruit Athelio Com

When it comes to an all-rounder health-check from consumption, pears is the answer. Due to its high-contents of fiber, eating a pear can make one feel full for longer periods of without the need to over-eat before square meals. Fiber also helps in steady absorption of minerals and nutrients from the food we consume, giving us a health boost. Pears are balanced as they are not only low in calories but high in glucose, providing natural energy. Due to its low glycemic index, pears keep the blood-sugar in check, thus reducing excessive hunger.

2. Apples

Apples Fruit Athelio Com

Due to being rich in fibers, apples slow down digestion, helping in making you feel full for longer periods of time. Pectin present in apples, blend with the body’s water content and prevent excessive fat from being absorbed by our cells. Poly-phenol in apples is well known to boost metabolism. The higher the metabolic rate, lower fat storage in our bodies. As apples are plentiful of anti-oxidants, they aid in reducing high cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes, all of which can result to body storing fat in our waist region.

3. Oranges

Orange Fruit And Juice Athelio Com

Glycemic index of oranges are low enough to keep blood-sugar in check, along with its low calorie count that helps in reducing fat-storage in the body. Due to its high-fiber content, having an orange before a meal can cut down the excessive hunger and let you eat a balanced portion. Oranges are known to be abundant in vitamin C, one of the most helpful nutrient in shedding weight and cutting the flab. Nutriments in oranges help in improving the digestive system, that results to better toxin flush and bowel movements in the body.

4. Musk-Melons

Musk Melon Athelio Com

Seeds of musk-melons contain fibre that helps in cutting excessive fat off the body. Availability of potassium in musk-melons (also known as cantaloupes) has a huge advantage of lower belly pooch, one of the hardest fat storage areas to shed flab from. Musk-melons is also plentiful of beta-carotene which reduces insulin resistance that prevents calories from converting into fat. Due to its high water content, musk-melons serve the body with toxin-flushing nutrients to help out with keeping the system clean.

5. Water-Melons

Water Melon Fruit Athelio Com

As the name suggests, watermelon has the most amount of water in itself in the list of fruits we consume. Its water content is 91%, 6 % going straight to calories. Beta carotene, known as the natural fat burner makes its presence beneficial for the weight loss journey. Due to its high levels of water, you are bound to feel satiated for prolonged amount of time and not crave any junk snacks. Have it diced or juiced, its tasty and refreshing feel will surely ensure you feel energized and healthy.

These fruits can be had before and after workouts as needed. Fruits rich in glucose and fiber helps in providing steady energy during exercise routines while the ones rich in water content are best to be had post- workout o regain the lost gusto.


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