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Your neck posture might be receiving the worst blow during this COVID-19 lockdown’s WFH season. And this is due to the prolonged work-from-home scenario. 

When we have a bad posture, it can affect our spines. Moreover, it can cause multiple bone health issues due to pressure on the cervical spine.

However, this is reversible through workouts. These are quick and effective within the comfort of your home. So let us find out!

The Forward Fold


The forward fold allows your body to stretch out and release excess tension in your joints.

  • Stand in attention position with your feet, and maintain a small distance between your heels.
  • Placing your hands on the hips, breathe in.
  • While breathing out, lean and fold forward, bringing your nose to the knees. 
  • Release your arms from the hips and bring them to hold either side of your ankles. 
  • Perform deep breathing for about 6-7 seconds and let go. You can increase your timings with practice.

High Planking


High planking can help your body relax and improve your neck posture. 

  • Bring your body down on a mat, on all fours. 
  • Next, straighten out your back by raising your heels upwards. 
  • By doing so, you shall automatically straighten your arms and raise your upper body in a straight line. 
  • From here, soften your muscle stiffness through deep breathing, and extend your spine.
  • By doing so, you can release your spinal cord tension. 
  • Maintain this position for 1 minute before releasing it. 



The cat-cow position can stretch your spine while releasing tension and tightness from the body.

  • Bring the body down on all fours.
  • Now inhale, look up and arch your spine down to drop the abdomen. 
  • Exhale, look down, and arch the spine up towards the ceiling.
  • Try this with 10 repetitions daily. 


Chest Opener


When you stretch your chest, it helps to extend the spine to add-in more flexibility. 

  • Stand straight and bring your arms to the sides. 
  • Inhale deeply and take your arms back and extend out your chest. 
  • Exhale and bring your arms to the front. 
  • Try this for 10 turns. 


Child’s Pose


This is an overall physical healer. 

  • Sit on your knees and place your arms on the thigh. 
  • Inhale deeply, closing your eyes. 
  • Exhale and lean your body forward, lowering your hips and raising your buttocks. 
  • Extend out your arms in-front and breathe for 1 minute before releasing. 

These are effective workouts that can surely help to bring back your fitness in mind and body. Please check out our article on breathing techniques that can help rejuvenate your body https://www.athelio.com/4-breathing-techniques-that-can-energize-you-in-10-minutes/

So shall you start today? Do let us know!

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