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The egg diet is simple, effective, taking over the world by storm! An egg is low in calories and carbohydrates but high in protein, a perfect nifty diet idea.

Eggs are more than just a part of your breakfast. In this diet, you can modify all your daily meals with an egg. These are rich in its nutritive content, helping you stay healthy, energetic, and fit throughout!

You can say that the diet can also be a sub-part of the ketogenic diet rules, adding in energy to your body to produce ketones

The best part, you can try out different variations of this diet, just by balancing what you eat around it. Such as:

The Egg-Only Diet

Oneeggwater Athelio egg diet

The Egg-only diet has lost its popularity due to the extremely unhealthy challenging factor. During this regime, you can only have hard-boiled eggs and a glass of water for every meal. 

Not only is this an unhealthy weight-loss diet, but does not allow for much physical activity. 


The Keto Egg Diet

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During the ketogenic diet with eggs, your body shall require fat content to burn for energy for the ketosis. Meaning, you shall need an optimum amount of proteins, fats, and carbs from an egg to replenish your daily energy content. 

So for this keto diet, you shall need to incorporate cheese and butter alongside eggs to improve your ketones production. And this way, you can utilize your balanced energy intake with workouts and other activities.


The 14-Day Egg Diet

Hardeggs Athelio egg diet

Under this regimen, for 14 days you shall have one egg daily within your 3 scheduled daily meals. Of course, it shall be just 1 egg every day. And for other meals, you can balance your protein intake with meat, fish, spinach, and broccoli.

Not to forget, fruits with anti-oxidant properties are also part of this daily diet. Most importantly, the egg you consume must always be hard-boiled. Scrambled eggs, runny poaches and other variants do not form the diet. 


During this diet regimen, other than eggs you can always have:

Eggdietfood Athelio

  • Lean fish.
  • Farm fresh poultry.
  • Non-starchy veggies such as mushrooms and broccoli. 
  • Berries and grapefruit, for fruits. 
  • Unsweetened beverages such as water, sugar-free tea, and coffee. 

When you follow the egg diet, make sure to follow all the regulations that come with it to ensure steady weight loss and daily energy. 

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