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Let your hair down, literally. We pull them into tight ponytails or plain buns but the follicles need to breathe.
Constant twisting and tweaking them into different style tires out your hair. But there is, of course, a few simple tips, following which, our hair will remain healthy, thick and always up for any hair-do.

1. Regular Trimming

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Unhealthy hair can lead to split ends and dry edges. Cutting these portions at the right time lets the hair grow out. Split ends can stunt growth and make the hair limp. Trim out your hair once every 3 weeks. This ensures that growth remains constant and healthy.

2. Use Softer Hair Brushes

Wide tooth combs and plastic combs are detrimental to our hair health. They can tear off the follicles than just detangling.
Instead, use soft bristled brushes. Brush your hair twice a day so it gets ample care. Avoid yanking the hair down while detangling as it might lead to breakage. Soft, even strokes downwards help to detangle and let the hair be stress-free.

3. Natural Drying

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In the age of hair diffusers and dryers, we constantly heat and deteriorate our hair for the sake of quick drying. Ditch the products and head straight for the towel. A few soft pats on the hair and some sunlight does better than any dryer in the world.

4. Choose Shampoos Wisely

Most of the top-notch brands of shampoos, serums, and conditioners are laced with harmful chemicals such as sulfate, paraben, and silicone. In this day and age, many boutiques make all natural hand made shampoos and soaps for guilt-free care. Opt for your favorite home brand.

5. Moisturize your Hair

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Serums, hair masks, and natural care can produce a healthy glow to your follicles. As summer approaches, our hair is prone to dryness and damage more than ever. Do not forget to make some hair packs at home or purchase straight from your favorite online vendor.

A little bit of care goes a long way, as long as healthy hair for days.

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