5 Easy Home Exercises For Women Over Fifty Athelio

Age has no bar. In fact, with age, we grow more understanding towards ourselves. There is beauty in growing and maturing towards a better us every year.

There is one aspect of our lives we do tend to leave behind which should always be constant. Fitness. Yes, in the race of the mightiest, workouts and self-care take a backseat as we become drowned in our professional lives, tending to work and family.

The exercises we will speak of today, are perfect for women over fifty to strengthen their bodies and feel healthy and fit. Let us look into the details.

1. Squatting

  • Stand straight with your legs shoulder-width apart
  • Toes should be facing out slightly
  • Keeping your abdomen tight, bend your knees and bring your upper body down, as if to sit on a chair
  • Make sure you feel a pressure on your flutes
  • Raise your body up and continue this exercise 10 times in 3 reps.

2. Dead Bug Exercise

  • Lie down on a mat and raise your arms above your chest, facing up
  • Lift your legs up slightly, bending the knees
  • Straighten out the right leg
  • Bring the right leg in and alternatively straighten out the left leg
  • Try this 10 times in 3 reps.

3. Planking

  • Bring your body down in the push-up position
  • Support your upper body over your elbows, fingers facing out
  • Raise your lower body on your toes
  • Keeping your flutes and core strength tight, initiate planking
  • Remember to breathe evenly during the process.
  • Try maintaining the pose for 30 seconds.

4. Superman Pose

  • On a mat, lie on your face and extend out your arms and legs
  • Make sure to have your core strength engaged and lift your legs and arms in the air
  • This will have you balancing your entire body on your abdomen
  • Maintain this pose for 5 seconds and release.
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times in 2 reps.

5. Lunges

  • Stand straight and roll back your shoulders
  • Make sure to have your feet parallel to your shoulders
  • Bring left leg out, heels on the floor
  • Slightly bend your left leg till thighs are parallel to the ground
  • This will automatically initiate the right leg to bend down at the back
  • Keep this position for 2 seconds and raise yourself up.
  • Try this exercise for 10 counts a leg for 3 reps.

These workouts are simple, strengthening and lets you feeling fit throughout the day. Do contact your doctor to know which workouts suit you best.


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