5 Easy Exercises To Reduce Side Fat And Love Handles Athelio

Side-fat can be such a hassle to lose. Not only does it give us this bloated look but is just discomfort to be in. But worry not with these easy exercises you can reduce your side fat and tone up your love handles.

1. Heel Touches

Heel Touches Athelio Com

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– Lie down on a yoga mat and bring your knees up
– Your arms should be parallel to the body
– Alter and try to touch each foot with the arm on that side.
– Try this 10 times in 3 reps.

2. Lying Side Crunches

Lying Side Crunches

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– Lie down and bring the arms behind your head
– Bend up your knees and twist both the legs to the right
– Perform crunches normally with the legs bent to the right
– Change the side and try 10 times.
– Practice each side in 3 reps.

3. Side Bend with Dumb-bells

Side Bend Athelio Com

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– Stand straight with dumbells in each hand
– Bend on alternate sides, lowering the weight
– Practice this 15 times for 3 reps.

4. Russian Twist

Russian Twist Athelio Com

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– Sit on a yoga mat with your legs bent up
– Lean back slightly and bring the fists up in front of your chest.
– Twist your waist and take the arms from one side to another in alternate moves.

5. Rotating T-Extension

Cross T Athelio Com

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– Bring your body down to plank position
– Balance your body on your arms
– Raise the right arm and swipe your body to the side
– This will require you to stack your legs over another
– Bring them down and try 10 times
– Each side should be in 10 counts for 3 reps.

Incorporate these workouts to the daily regimes and you’ll see results in no time.

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