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A good posture is not just to look beautiful but it also provides you a confident personality and prevents from back ache and other problem.

Slouching is a regular habit with most people sitting in front of the television or computers. It becomes an obvious tendency. But hunching and slouching is bad for the body. It affects height growth in children. Bad posture induces stress and tension. It is also an important factor in a chronic migraine and headaches.

Physical therapists have researched other effects bad postures which can lead to gastric problems and breathing problems. However, with some carefulness and awareness you can get rid of bad posture. Here’s what you need to do:

Sit properly, sit straight

Sit totally back in the chair. Leaning forward can create stress on the pubic bone while leaning totally back can affect the tail bone. A middle balance is needed by keeping the feet flat and putting the weight on the rear and pubic bone creating a triangular shape. This will align your posture automatically. If you are sitting in the car or in bed you can use the support of a pillow on your lower back.



Change your sleeping postures

While sleeping we hardly take notice of our posture which often tends to cause muscle aching in the next morning. The pillow should be used to align the spine while creating a head support if one is a side sleeper. If you are lying on your back, place a pillow in the under the knees for opening up the joint spaces in our spine. A side pillow is always beneficial. One should avoid lying on the stomach as it creates strain in the neck.



Stretch often to increase your flexibility

We are young as long as our back is flexible. With slouching, flexibility gets affected which can lead to muscular imbalance. Stretching should be included in our daily routine and it can loosen your body. Wether you are in your office or in front of your computer, stretch by pushing your arms outside. When you get up, lean backwards as far as you can. This helps to relieve fatigued muscles and joints.

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Improve your core strength

From the ribs to the mid-thigh are core muscle regions that help us in sitting and standing tall. Yoga and pilates sessions can help to improve core strength as one needs to control their movements and stick to one position for a few minutes.

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Remind yourself it is good for the impression

A good posture helps you to stand tall and feel tall. It gives a sense of confidence. This confidence is radiated when being around others. This can leave an impression on others around you. Remind yourself that slouching can lead to people having an impression that you might be a slacker and not serious about work.

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With these easy steps, your posture can gradually improve and it will prevent potential problems in the future. Just remember to stand and sit, and most importantly feel tall.

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