5 Abdomen Workout Mistakes Corrected

We are always in a rush, whether it is to eat, play a game or jut plain work. We want to finish it before time and hop to the next stage of action. The common mistake of hurried activities is making several mistakes in execution.

Whilst in gym, our eyes are more on the clock than our bodies. The goal becomes more of finishing every schedules exercises in time than to let the workouts affect the body. This might also lead to injuries. Let us check out the few mistakes we commit while performing abdomen regimes. Following are as follows :

1. Hanging Leg Raises

Mistake- When we lift the body up on the rail, due to lack of strength in our ore, the body might swing from front and back than to be still. During the exercise, whilst swinging the legs up in front, after we let it fall back to position, the legs might swing behind.

Correction– Practicing core strengthening exercises is a huge plus when it comes to incorporating the power in abdomen regime. Whilst performing the leg raises,  after lifting the leg in-front of the body, bring it down, letting the toe touch the floor to pause the swing. Use your core to keep the upper body in position.

2. Crunches

Mistake- We make this common mistake on the first try of crunches and might keep it as a habit. While raising the head and upper body, we tend to bend our hands, putting too much pressure on the neck, pushing it up. We also might lower our head and have the chin touch the neck.

Correction- Do not bend the arms, elbows facing forward while raising the head and torso. Instead of lowering the face, chin up and look at the ceiling when raising the torso. Breathe out for every crunch. Make sure your lower back is pressed to the ground and do not rise while crunching.

3. Lying Leg Raises

Mistake- During lying leg raises, chances are, in order to keep a stable balance, we raise our glutes off the floor along with the legs. This does not put a pressure on the lower abdomen as per the exercise is needed to.

Correction- Keep your arms extended out from both sides. Make sure your lower back does not leave the ground on lifting the leg.  the legs up straight and lower them slowly. Raise them up slowly and lower again, feet staying inches away from the ground.

4. Planking

Mistake- In order to bring about any form of comfort during planking, we can sometimes bend our lower back and abdomen down, raising the glutes up for support. But no amount of pressure is created on the abdomen for the exercise to be completed.

Correction- Keep your abdomen and core tight. Do not let the stomach flop down. Lower the buttocks to be in the same line with the body. Loosen up the shoulders a little, undoing the fists and letting the palms rest on the mat, pointing out.

5. Cable Crunches

Mistake- During cable crunches, we put a lot of stress on our neck. While pulling the cable down, we tend to hold it over our necks, using it as the base to keep the handle on. This also keeps the body stable bu the neck might be injured over time.

Correction- Hold the cable handle above the  head, puling it down while using core strength to stabilize the body weight. This way, you’ll have full control over the cable, how much to pull it down and up-to the weight limit you can go.

Consult your gym instructor before initiating a new workout to your abdomen routine as injuries, sprains and other problems might prevail under zero supervision.

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