Perfect Buttocks Athelio Com

Curvy bodies are in! For long many of us have tried to sim down our curvaceous physique to fit in with the tinsel-town crazed trends of being slender. All sizes are gorgeous and splendid and we should always love how strong and beautiful our bodies are.

Buttcoks And Glutes Exercise Athelio Com

Our curves can be more defined by working out our glutes to tighten their muscles and give a definite shape. Here are a few that might help you achieve the perfect buttocks :

1. Hip Bridge and Leg Lifts

  • Lie on your back and bend up your left knee
  • Keep right knee slightly raised off the mat
  • Keeping your abdomen and glutes tight, lift the right leg up forming a bridge
  • Keep the right leg straight up and knee feet on the floor and lift your hips up
  • Bring it down and lift again
  • Try 10 counts each leg for 3 reps

2. Donkey Kicks

  • Prop the body up on your hands and knees, facing down
  • Lift up the left knee, feet towards the ceiling
  • Put pressure on the glutes to squeeze it with the thigh raised
  • Try with alternate leg, continue for 10 counts each for each leg, 3 reps

3. Glute Back Kicks

  • Stand with your legs apart, parallel to the shoulders
  • Raising the right leg towards the back, kick up
  • Let the upper thigh squeeze the glutes
  • Alter the legs after 10 counts for each
  • Try 20 counts for 3 reps each rep

4. Sumo Squats and Leg Raise

  • Keeping legs apart away from shoulders, squat down
  • Keep your stomach in and glutes tight while squatting
  • While rising up from the pose slowly, raise your right knee up towards the stomach
  • Stand up and repeat squatting and lift up alternate leg
  • Continue for 20 counts in 3 reps

5. Side Lunges

  • Stand with feet up apart and away from each shoulders
  • Keep your hands balled-up near your chest
  • Squat down on left leg, spreading out the right knee to the side
  • Rise up and alter sides, squatting down on the right leg and spreading the left leg to the side
  • Try 20 each side for 3 reps

Always remember to take help from the gym instructor before committing to a new workout plan.


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