4 Weeks Flat Belly Challenge With These Easy Workouts

Every time you start a fitness plan it creates too much confusion in your mind. That’s the same thing happens to me also, it’s really hard to figure out where to start and what exercise should we do. In the last couple of month, I did a few experiments on my self and they gave me wonderful results.

These set of exercise are very easy and in fact, you can do them in your home. Just start with low reps and gradually increase the frequency on each week.

First Week: Start with 10 repetition and 3 sets of each exercise.

Second Week: Increase the number repetition per sets to 15.

Third Week: Increase the number of repetition per sets to 20.

Fourth Week: Increase the number of repetition per sets to 25.

Don’t forget to drink a small amount of water(10-20 ml) between each exercise. It will help your body to recover from dehydration caused due to sweating.

1. Double Leg Lift

– Lie down on a yoga mat and bring your arms at the back of your neck
– Raise your head slightly over the palms. Your chin should be pointing upwards
– Lift your legs from the ground and balance them on a 45-degree angle from the body
– Bring them down together and a little above the floor
– Repeat this workout 10 times in 3 sets.

Double Leg Lift Athelio Com

Image Courtesy- Verywell Fit

2. Planking Knee Dips

– Bring your body down in planking position
– Balance the upper body on both the arms
– Bring your left leg in, knee bent and point toward the right side.
– Bend in each leg 10 times in 3 sets.

Planking Knee Dips Athelio Com

Image Courtesy- Roic + Bru / Athletique

3. Crunches

– Lie down on a yoga mat
– Bringing the arms behind your head, bend up the knees, keeping feet flat on the floor
– Breathe in and raise your upper body, putting pressure on the lower abs
– Breathe out, and lower the head back
– Try the workout 10 times for 3 sets.

Crunches Athelio Com

Image Courtesy- Verywell Fit

These exercises work fantastically but you have to reduce your sugar and calorie intake too. So get out there (or be at home) and try these simple and effective workouts and let’s get fit in your old attire.

All the best! Stay fit and Stay healthy – Via

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