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If I could finish all my work while sitting in a chair, nothing like it. Oh well, dreams are dreams. But hold the sadness, Let me tell you of ONE goal that we all can achieve while sitting, burning calories.

Even if we hear about needing to, ‘get off our asses’ to get things done, for once, sitting around will help shed calories.

With just a few exercises, we can lose a tremendous amount of calories.

Let us look through the chair-bound workouts.

1. Hinge and Cross

  • Sit down on a chair and lift the knees, balancing your legs on your toes
  • Bring your arms and close the pals behind your head, elbows out.
  • Lean the upper body down, twist your waist to let the right elbow near the left knee
  • Alter the stance to have the left elbow touching the right knee
  • This workout can be done 10 times in 3 reps.

Hinge And Cross Athelio Com

Image Courtesy- Indian Workouts

2. Leg Lift and Twist

  • Sit down and cross your arms over your chest
  • Place the palms on alternate shoulders, elbows facing down
  • Raise your left leg to the front, parallel to the ground
  • Bring the leg down and raise the alternate leg
  • Practice this workout 10 times in 3 reps.

Leg Lift And Twist Athelio Com

Image Courtesy- Enables Me

3. Chair Running

  • Sit a little away from the edge of the seat.
  • Lean back slightly and bend your hands as if to run
  • Raise your legs straight slightly above the floor
  • Bring in the left knee closer to the chest
  • Let it straighten and try with the alternate leg
  • You can move your arms accordingly to keep up a proper beat
  • Try this 20 times in 3 reps

Chair Running Athelio Com

Image Courtesy- Shape Magazine

4. Skater Switch

  • Sit with your legs slightly apart and parallel to each other
  • Raise your arms on either side and straighten them, forming a line with the arms and the neck
  • Lean down your upper body, with the hands raised on both sides
  • In one step, bring your left hand towards your right leg
  • Spread the left leg to the side
  • Bring the body up and continue with the alternate side
  • This exercise can be done 10-15 times each for 3 reps

Skater Switch Athelio Com

Image Courtesy- Indian Workouts

Begin with 3-4 workouts a week. You’ll see a splendid change in your body in no time.

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