Our body posture is directly affected by the condition of the spine. The mobility of the spine in a healthy trained person is unique. Furthermore, to have a good posture, you need to know how to perform an exercise which is aimed at stretching the spine and the entire back as a whole.

Athelio has collected four exercise to help you attain a good posture.

1. Baby Pose

This is a great exercise which is used for relaxation. Get in this position by sitting on the heels, your big toes touching each other and the knees in the diluted position.

When you exhale, slowly lower the body in the down position, then pull your arm in the forward position. Breathe quietly. Try to pull the coccyx forth and back, while directing the chest down to the floor.


2. Cat-Cow stretching

Cat-Cow stretching exercise is used to improve the mobility of the spine. The starting position requires you to be on all fours.

At the time of inhaling, simply strain the press, then bend the back, try to pull the head as high as possible and pulling the coccyx up. At the time of exhaling, round the spine as hard as possible, and aiming your head down.

3. The bending tree pose

The blending tree pose is great for balanced development. The starting position is standing, legs slightly shoulder-width apart, coccyx pointing down.

At the time of inhalation, raise your hand in the upward direction, by pulling your finger into a lock. As you exhale, then slowly feel the sensation of your muscles in the body as you bend without even changing the position of the thighs, then hold it for 10-20 seconds.

4. Balancing table pose

This exercise is merely designed to strengthen the hull and balance development. The starting position is on all the fours.

At the time of inhalation, take the right leg back, straighten it, then pull your left arm in the forward position. Strain the press and try to keep in a straight line, and hold it for 10-20 seconds, then change your hand.

Image Credits: kalimukti.com, PopSugar.com

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