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Panic attacks as a first time experience is a quite a curse. You may not know what your feelings are conveying, people around might not understand. It still does not pause the stomach from feeling clenched or the shivers running down the spine. Panic attacks are not easy.

Panic Attakcs Athelio

It will be wrong to say that they are curable permanently, but can surely be handled through understanding and close people around who recognize your problems and can tackle them at all times. It cannot be controlled, panic attacks might cause one to completely break down in public without prior warnings. But it is not anyone’s fault. With the rising pressure on both students and adults, without a place or time to address it properly, the overwhelming burden of emotions overflow at once, leaving us unable to fathom how to regulate it.

Many myths circulate around regarding what panic attacks are and how they should be catered to. Let us break down one by one :

1. Myth- Same Symptoms for Individuals’ Panic Attacks

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It is not the same signs for all. Everyone feels it differently and should be aware of the marks and warnings of an oncoming panic attack.

There are quite a few times, someone with the problem or their friend should be aware of

  • Palpitation
  • Chest pain
  • Loss of breath
  • Stuttering
  • Feeling overall uncomfortable and dizzy
  • Nauseated

Everyone feels at differently. Someone on the roads might feel excessively sweaty while a person in their office might feel choked and claustrophobic inside their work cubicle. Being mindful of signs help in taking necessary precautions or just to alert close ones that you are not alright and might need help.

2. Myth- Panic Attacks Are to Gain Attention, Hence Are Dramatic

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These words spewed by people who are unaware of mental issues should be educated and more discussions should be held regarding mental and emotional health. From time immemorial, mental health had been a tabooed chapter even in medical history. Shock-chairs, tying patient to bed and isolation were well-known practices to ‘teach the mad-man’ a lesson’. But times have changed, so has education. WHO(World Health Organization) addresses your emotional and mental well-being as of utmost importance for your overall health. Let people, who still mock your problems as a call for attention, know how they should learn about mental health than to comment in negative way.

3. Myth- Help Is of Utmost Requirement

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Person facing panic attack might at times require personal space than to have people around them, it only worsens the fear and discomfort. Let us observe and read signs of a friend when they feel nauseated or dizzy, look through symptoms, ask if they are in need of help. Panic Attacks or anxiety does not lead to any potential danger to the body right away.

Sometimes just existing a little away from your friend might encourage them to feel they can fight off this negative aura by themselves, that they too are strong enough. It is a learning process for both sides. it is important to be around a friend who trusts you at their worse, as well as to teach them that they are stronger than what their mental health dictates.

4. Myth- Panic Attack Is Only Faced By Those with Mental Illness

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Panic can occur from many incidents. A person suffering from general anxiety can feel panic as the first step to their discomfort. If you suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD), Panic is the root of feeling overwhelmed or worked up.  It is not the best idea to equate panic attacks with mental illness entirely as panicking comes to all under infinite circumstances.

One might rise off it faster, while another person might dig up through stress and triggered memories of abuse, just to get back to their normal self. Such stigma can be eradicated through proper observation and understanding of mental health.

Heal and help heal. The world is a vast area of millions of souls going through humongous pressure of work, life and general complications. If yet, the panic attacks transpire to anything serious that harms the body, say nerves shivering uncontrollably, a doctor’s advice is of must requirement.

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