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When it comes to crash-dieting, we often go into a hurry to cut food more than adding in what’s necessary for the body’s nutrition. The term dieting is always quickly associated with eating less. But with proper nutriments in the body, losing weight can be a faster process than with eating less amount of food in a day.

We often go by what the internet trends suggest us to do. Most of the the tricks are to cut out certain food ingredients that are ‘known’ to be harmful but when consumed in moderation and added with a workout routine, can provide better results.

Here are 4 myths hat should be spoken about :

1. Crash Dieting is Good for Weight Loss

Crash Dieting Athelio Com

Crash dieting is a myth in itself. It is albeit one of the most unhealthy forms of dieting and mainly sourced from lack of information regarding one’s daily nutriment needs. It does help only within the term period of the diet but leads to gaining weight when you’re finally out of the habit.

The body requires an optimal amount of calories to function throughout the day. With our fear to gain flab, we cut down heavily on calories during crash diets. Steadily, the body adapts to the new calorie intake and deems it normal. This is dangerous as when you stop crash dieting to revert back on normal consumption, the body will consider it overeating, making the body gain weight.

2. Cut Out Overall fat from Diet

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Although the term fat is almost detrimental to fitness freaks, but we should be aware of the healthy fats that our bodies need. Healthy fats provide the calories (1/3rd of it) required for the body’s daily needs. Healthy fat also provide a generous amount of energy.

Healthy fat is required for tissue repair and transfer of certain vitamins such as Vitamin A and K. Food such as salmon, tuna, seeds, walnuts and olives(oil form) are rich sources of healthy fats that can be taken daily, The energy gained from healthy fats can be used during workouts.

3. Daily Workout = Careless Food Habits on a Daily

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This is a viscous circle which affects the entire process of weight-loss. If we are working out on a daily, the body would require different kind of intakes than junk food or oil and fizz. Substituting protein-rich and fiber-rich food with unhealthy consumption will not provide the body with the nutrition or energy that is required to burn at the gym.

Hence overall, the whole work that goes into exercise regimen goes to waste. We cannot shade off last night’s heavy outdoor dinner if no fiber-rich food had been ingested before heading to the gym. It is important to maintain an equilibrium of consumption and working out.

4. Fat-Free Lebels are Helping lose Weight

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Low fat lebels on sugar/fat-free cookies, cakes, drinks and butter are not really the healthiest options. If it is mentioned that the food it fat free, chances are that certain preservatives and synthetic favoring agents are added to intensify the flavor.

In the long run, these preservatives and substituted sugar might be harmful for the body, even more than the fat itself. Flavoring agents are always discouraged as the chemicals in them are not suitable for daily consumption. Instead of happily putting a fat-free item in the cart, go through the ingredients to check if all the ingredients are natural.

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