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Abdomen workout requires a lot to be invested in. By willpower and goals, we can a achieve the washboard abdomen we have long craved for ourselves. A yoga mat or resistance bands are not always the props we will need for the abs to firm. All we will need is to stand and a set of good dumb-bells.

Woman Abdomen Athelio Com

Let us look through some simple workouts for our abdomen :

1. Dumb-bells Side Bend

  • Stand straight with dumb-bells each of your hands.
  • Keeping the back steady, lower the weight down of one arm, towards the knee.
  • Steadying up the left arm, repeat alternatively.
  • Do about 10 counts in 3 reps.


2. Standing Core Stabilization

  • Stand with your feet parallel to shoulders.
  • Hold up a dumb-bell in-front of your chest, arms extended out.
  • Keeping the stomach tight and back straight, rotate your arm towards your left side.
  • Make sure to not twist abdomen area too much while rotating the arms.
  • Pause on one side and bring the arms towards the right side.
  • Do 10 counts in 3 reps.


3. Bow Extension

  • Hold up a dumb-bell with both hands.
  • Bend let the right arm be above the right shoulder straight, left arm bending towards the side to hold the dumb-bell.
  • Keep your left knee pointing up towards the right side.
  • In one move, bring the dumb-bell down towards your stomach to the left and raise the knee up to meet it towards the stomach as well.
  • Return to position and continue again.
  • Do 10 counts each side for 3 reps.


4. Reverse Dumb-bells Chop

  • Stand with holding a dumb-bell with your arms.
  • Bend the torso and bend down with the dumb-bell towards your left knee.
  • With a swift pull, raise the dumb-bell with both hands above the right shoulder.
  • Bring it down again for 1 count.
  • Continue for 10 counts each side for 3 reps.


Abdomen is hard-work to form but all the effort are worth it in the end.

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