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Let us today talk about menstruation. It is a natural process, and those experiencing it need to follow a few simple steps for proper hygiene. These are simple!

The incorrect steps during your period can end up with health issues due to dirty habits, overused sanitary pads, and even through taboos

So what can be some quick and easy steps? Let us find out!


Opt for Organic Sanitary Pads

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Organic pads are chemical-free and can keep you out of contacting rashes, bacterial and fungal infections.

Moreover, these pads are also environmentally-friendly and contain 0-plastic content, which is bad for you, and nature. 

Additionally, the polymer absorbent known as dioxin can become a toxic mess, leading to problems in birth or even cervical cancer.

So, you can always opt for organic pads as a substitute!


Take a Warm Shower Every Day

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Menstruation cramps are the worst thing you can face once in a month. It can delay your work, tug on your mood, and can even make you feel sick to the bone. 

While keeping a hot-pad to your tummy is a temporary solution relieving cramp pains, a more permanent solution would be a hot shower. 

Turn up the water temperature to a comfortable level, and soak yourself for long enough to soothe the aches. And by doing so for the 5-7 days of menstruation, you can ensure a comfortable every day. 

Moreover, it can help you stay clean during this time. 


Make Sure to Wear Clean Pants

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Re-wearing unwashed pants is a no-no. You shouls always make sure to maintain some underwear, especially for your monthly menstruation. 

Fresh pants ensure that you are keeping your intimate area clean and safe from germs or bacteria. 

Moreover, fresh clothes can help you feel more comfortable and snug. You can always opt for loose-fitting clothes for maximum warmth and snug!

Change Your Tampons/Pads/Cups Hourly!

While work-life does not pardon the crimson flow, you must make sure to take time out to change your wears by the hour. 

And this is mostly as an old pad can be uncomfortable, dirty, and all-around unsanitary. 

You can change pads after every 6 hours, tampons after 2 hours, and drain out the cup every 4-5 hours. 

By doing so, you can maintain a safe, healthy, and hygienic menstruation period every month!

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