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Meat, eggs, and fish, we all have it in our gastronomical inventory at all times. None are hard to find or acquire within a moment’s notice. But worry not, if you’re a vegetarian, do not worry about lesser choices when you wish to keep a healthy meal plan. The following vegetarian protein sources also keep your energy intake at check.

Everyone should have an equal amount of choices when it comes to comfort regarding what food they intake. And we are here to help with that problem. Here are the top 3 vegetarian protein sources perfect and cost-effective for a vegetarian diet.

1. Cottage Cheese

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Cottage cheese is a low-calorie fresher version of cheese that does not go through processing or aging. It is known to be milder in taste than cheese itself. Cheese is packed with rich nutrients such as sodium, calcium, protein, and healthy fat.

You might know now that cottage cheese is also a popular choice for protein by popular vegetarian athletes because of its high protein content.

Resistance training and muscle mass gain a lot of nutritious advantage from this source. Amino acids and casein are important components in cottage cheese as casein is the 80% protein content that is digested slowly into the system.

Casein also helps the body to break down amino acids that help in buffing up muscles. These popular recipes can be followed for healthy cottage cheese meals.

2. Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the safest sources of veggie protein one can get. It is so dense in protein content that it is considered in many school lunches as a meal alternative. The live culture count in yogurt provides the most amount of nutrients.

The amount of protein given as a daily intake by yogurt should be calculated as a requirement for this nutrient is different for different ages.

Yogurt helps with metabolism by increasing the calorie burns and energy used in workouts. With the metabolism boosted, nutrients from fruits, nuts, and seeds are absorbed well, giving a hit to the hard work for muscle builds.

3. Milk

Let us now introduce to you the most valued producer of protein for all vegetarians. Milk provides two types of proteins, whey, and casein, both carrying sufficient amounts of amino acids that aids in building stronger muscles.

It has been found that milk provides more protein content than beef and soy milk, making it one of the best easily digestible food products. Cow’s milk contains the highest amount of protein and is healthy for people of all ages.

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Nothing is impossible and your choice of food should not be a reason to stay behind in the fitness journey. If dairy products cause any discomfort or irritation in the skin or stomach, a doctor’s advice should be taken immediately

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