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With the onset of the pandemic, we all were bound to stay home and work. This might have extended our working hours juggling between work, family, and house chores. This can induce us with work from home strain.

While the work from home schedule might have increased your work hours, it has also made some significant changes in your body. From sitting for long hours to a lack of physical activities, your body can feel tired from the lack of immobility.

So is there any way of helping reduce work from home strain? Let us check out!

Try Some Stretches!

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If you are sitting in one position for too long, chances are your neck and arms will stiffen up. Moreover, you might even have muscle straining near your thighs and knees.

You can, of course, perform some quick stretches for your arms and necks. And even some light at-home strolling to make sure your legs are active. 

There are various types of stretches, and each can be effective. You can check out our article for basic stretches that can be performed at home and can be done easily as a quick break from work https://www.athelio.com/5-stretches-for-people-with-desk-jobs/


Change Up Your Sitting Posture Can Reduce Work From Home Strain

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A neutral straight position can be comfortable, especially if you have a snug back-rest. At times we sit with our back slouched and the neck leaning forward. 

Doing so is not only bad for the spinal cord but also helps you from having a strained neck after work.

Now, there are a few things to not over-do, as it can make you feel too tired and are ergonomic:

  • Try not to completely straighten your back. A slightly inward arch can be comfortable and helps to retain the posture. 
  • Use a back-rest that is soft but not having you sink back. 
  • Make sure that your computer table is the same height as your head when you sit. This way, you can keep a proper distance away from the screen and also reduce leaning forward. 


Stay Close To Your Hobby

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Every hobby requires a bit of activity. Be it reading a book, or even cooking. When you are doing something other than working from home, you are allowing your body to perform an activity new to it. 

Moreover, a hobby helps to keep the mind and body away from investing only in the profession. It is a healthy change that your body requires for both health and fitness. 

So, to reduce work from home strain from your body during your working days, make sure to keep your health and fitness in check. You can check out our article on how to reduce eye strain while working from home https://www.athelio.com/tips-to-reduce-strain-on-eyes-working-from-home/

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