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The fat in belly is stubborn and does not flatten to our will. Hence, the belly exercises we choose need to be precise, well-timed, and of course, effective. 

And walking might not be the solo-solution to this. 

While walking does keep us active and helps with mild digestion activities, it is a temporary solution. 

If you are taking a serious step towards losing your stored stomach fat, you can do more than walking, i.e, modifying the daily session. 

And here is how:

You Need to Prioritise Distance, Not Speed

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While you might feel that speed might reduce the belly, it is not the case. Instead, you shall become tired quicker than usual.

Speed, while can make you sweaty, and helps with water weight, is not the absolute solution. 

Instead, you can focus on the distance to cover. For example, brisk-walking a few more km. than usual can help you steadily lose your weight.

Here, your body can shed out the excess fat and help to lose the tummy fat storage. 

Walking Does Not Have Enough Exercises

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When your walking, your whole body is albeit on the move. However, it requires more to lose belly fat. 

Your tummy requires particular attention, straining, and pressure from workouts, to be able to lose fat

Meaning, 20-40 crunches daily can be more effective than 30 minutes of walking. 

And this is as crunches and planking focus on stomach workout, while walking is dividing the fat loss throughout.


You Might Not be Able to Walk at Same Pace for Too Long

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Belly fat workouts require straining. You might need to feel pain near your stomach, and that shows how much your stomach is active during the workout. 

However, walking at the same pace for 10 minutes can be too stressful. You might find yourself slowing down gradually, which slows down your fat burn.

Therefore, walking is more of a light daily workout that targets your entire body.

And in such moments, you must keep in mind that your belly fat, requires undivided attention. 

And with the right workout plans to incorporate into your daily strolls, you can also reduce belly fat at a steady pace. 

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