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Brown rice, or white rice? The question can make you end up buying both! However, brown rice would be the best bet when it comes to adding some fiber to your meals. 

While white rice contains most of the carbs and calories, the brown variant is a good source of fibers and vitamins. Meaning, you can incorporate this as a rice dish even for your diets!

You shall find 1.8 grams of fiber in every 100g of brown rice, but only a 0.4g in the same amount of white rice. 

Moreover, this is a whole grain, which fares healthier over white rice. 

Now, a cup of this rice can have various benefits, such as:


Helps in Weight Loss

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If you are following a proper diet, rich fiber can help you receive enough energy to burn during your workout. And the brown variant can help you fill up with fiber, which helps with weight loss!

You can have brown rice for your lunch, use it to make some delicious dishes such as paella, and a hearty dish of lemon rice. 


It is Rich in Manganese

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This rice’s manganese content can be quite beneficial for your system. It is anti-inflammatory, and also helps with blood-sugar control. Moreover, manganese helps to create healthy fatty acids. 

You can have this for your nervous system, and is also good for your bones!


Rich Selanium Content

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If you are suffering from arthritis selenium would be the best nutrition for your help. Selenium is a cancer-fighting nutrient that can help with reducing heart diseases, arthritis, and more!

With this rice variant providing all these benefits, it can be a great fill for your plate!

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Not to forget, you can opt for various types of brown rice:

  • Short grain rice for a sticky texture. You can try out paella and risotto substitute. 
  • The long brown variant is like basmati rice, which takes around 45 minutes to cook. 
  • The medium variant is stout in shape and takes around 15 minutes to cook. Moreover, these are soft and great for the elders.

So, which dish shall you cook today with it? Do share your recipe!

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