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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but it can’t be read without knowing how the eyes are communicating it. There lies the beauty of eyebrows, frowning, arching, relaxing down, eyebrows string the emotions to the eyes depending upon how they move. But they require a little grooming in order to stay in shape. Regular face scrubbing and pollutants may rob one of many follicles on the eyebrows. Little effort goes a long way. Here are few simple hacks to bring back the luscious eyebrows to life:

1. Coconut Oil Remedy

Coconut oil ensures faster follicle growth and protects it from pollutant damage. It might be the only oil that can travel deep root and strengthen the core from the inside. Cleansing eyebrows with the oil also ensures lesser damage by sunlight by being a natural sunscreen.

Coconut Oil Athelio Com

  • Mix Coconut oil with olive oil on a ratio of 2:1
  • Let it fuse oil before adding in aloe vera gel
  • Apply it gently without rubbing too much on the brows
  • Can be applied 2-3 times a day

2. Castor Oil Remedy

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Castor oil increases hair growth by 3 times the speed of any other products. using it on eyebrows for quick effect is a must as castor oil prevents hair loss and promotes healthier growth. Castor oil strengthens the roots, making sure no impurities and chemicals can damage the existing follicles.

  • Mix 2 parts castor oil with one part flax-seed oil
  • Repeat same process as coconut remedy and mix it with aloe vera gel
  • Apply it evenly over the brows from a small container
  • Can be applied once after waking and before bed time

3. Argon Oil Remedy

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Argon oil is derived from argan tree from Morocco. Vitamin E in argon oil nourishes hair from the roots, softening them. Antioxidants in argon oil revitalize cell growth, allowing faster and better hair growth. It also cures brittle hair on brows by making them stronger and resistant to pollutants. Argon oil, also known as ‘liquid gold’ is rich in vitamins, fatty acid and nutrients that works exceptionally well to make brows be robust with healthy follicles

  • Mix Argon oil with jojoba oil, 2:3 on ratio
  • Proceed to fuse aloe vera gel
  • Apply gently with fingers to cover both brows
  • Mixture can be used on daily basis


Tips for Application

Different applicator can be used to put the remedies on the brows without causing any damage.

  • Cotton Buds- Cotton buds are soft and safer to use than fingers. Dip the cotton bud tip into the serum and scoop a generous amount, spreading it over the brows.
  • Mascara Wands- Make sure to sterilize the applicator from the old set so as not to have any pigments attached to it. This might ruin the remedy. Put serum on the wand bristles and flick the brow follicles gently. Use finger tip to spread it evenly.

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Be sure to consult a dermatologist regarding application of oils. Allergies can persist from the application. If the skin can withstand and immune enough, make sure the process is done daily. Each of the remedies can be stored over a week, so discarding to make a fresh batch is not necessary.


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