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Calories, in moderation for our body is always healthy. But in excess, can be driving towards fat storing inside the body in excess. Losing calories through exercises, diets and habits are no new new, but the specific kind of these activities are better to remember than to rush into anything that helps us sweat.

Following are the few changes, substitutes and improvements which burns calories in your body like an absolute maniac. You can try them in a day and see beautiful results.

Swap 200 Calories off with These Food Substitutes

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  1. Craving some nice minty ice cream, have a bowl of Greek Yogurt with fresh-cut fruits and mint-leaves instead.
  2. Chicken skin has bad cholesterol and if consumed on a regular, can take a toll on your weight. Try eating chicken without skin.
  3. Skip the mayo and cheese dipped burrito. A taco salad bowl is healthier, filling and has lesser calories.
  4. For the sandwiches, burgers or grilled meat, opt for fish instead of high calorie meat options.
  5. In terms of coffee, quirkier the names, tastier, but also with more sugar. For next order, take in a normal cup f hot coffee sans the cream.

Swap 100 Calories off with These Food Substitutes

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  1. Creamy soups can be laden with calories. Opt for clear chicken or veggie soups.
  2. Instead of dipping potato chips to your mayo dip, bring in an avocado dip to have veggie sticks dipped and eaten.
  3. White or milk bread are delicious but not so healthy, when ordering a sub, opt for whole wheat or brown bread options.
  4. For your tea and coffee, swap out the creamer with 0 fat milk.
  5. Mayonnaise is creamy as well as putting those extra calories in. Choose mustard as a dressing to have healthier and a quirkier flavor.

Alcoholic Drink Suggestions

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  1. Raspberry Vodka with club soda makes a better Cosmopolitan option.
  2. Drink water in between sipping your alcohol. This can help cut down the calories.
  3. Tequila is know to reduce weight. Opt for this drink with lime and salt and have fun while your calories burn.
  4. While vodka soda is a mere 70 calories, Nitch is a 270 calories wham to your fitness routine. You know which to choose now.
  5. Rum tastes best with coke. It is a match made in heaven. Maybe diet coke can make a positive change in it.

Exercises that Take the Wheel

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  1. Sign in for a Zumba lesson. It’s fun, sexy as well as burns a heck of calories.
  2. Go for cycling each morning/evening. 1 hour will have you see positive results in a few weeks.
  3. Opt for weight-lifts at your local gym. Stronger muscle growth directly equals to loss of excess fat and calories in your body.
  4. A yoga instructor can help you with power yoga that helps shedding your calorie meter the best.
  5. Love swimming, well it loves your body back as well. Take a membership and swim off from the calorie laden nightmare.

Lifestyle Changes

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  1. Increase your walking pace by each day. Get down from the bu a stop earlier to have a little exercise on your way home.
  2. Fitness apps help you keep track of your daily activities and calorie loss. Install one and be on the run.
  3. Midnight cravings are our bodily scam. It doesn’t need cookies. Have some water rich fruits and yogurt or a plain glass of water to refill your stomach.
  4. Veggies might be not your ideal go-to option. But more than anything, they help you shed calories without adding even a little to the storage.
  5. Stay farthest from sugar. It is the number one enhances of calorie count in your body. Opt for honey as it is healthy. But everything is best in moderation.

These will be healthy changes that encourage you to maintain a better health.

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