15 Minute Whole Body Workout Athelio

In our work-laden daily lives, incorporating workout routine might be bit of a hassle. We wish a day was more than a mere 24 hours. But no way are we to sacrifice the activities important to us, be it college or office and workout.

15 Minutes Fat Burn Workout Plan

How about balancing the daily chores along with a perfectly timed workout regime. Let us look through a few exercises that can help with the time-crunch :

1. Alternative Crunches

  • Lie on a mat and bring your knees up, keeping your ankle pasted to the ground
  • Bring the arms behind your neck
  • Alternatively, raise your right knee and bring towards your chest and the  left arm towards the raised knee
  • Bringing them back to position, raise the left knee and the right arm towards each other
  • Continue this for 15 minutes

2. Burpees

  • While standing straight, bring your body down and make the legs, stretch back
  • While on your palms and feet, bend the legs towards your stomach by jumping front and raise the body up
  • While raising the body, jump up sightly
  • Continue this for 10 times

3. Crunches

  • Lie on a mat, keeping the back flat on the floor
  • Bend the knees up, keeping the heels pressed on the mat
  • Bring your fingers behind your neck and raise the neck, chin up
  • Make sure not to bend the face down or put too much force on your head
  • Try 40 crunches

4. Jumping Jacks

  • Stand with your feet close to each other and arms by your sides
  • Make sure the body is straight
  • In one go, move your legs apart and bring your arms over the head
  • This will cause you to jump
  • Jump back to bring your feet together and arms by the side
  • Jump up again and continue the exercise for 50 counts

5. Planking

  • Bring your body down on a mat
  • Raise it up with the support of your elbows and feet
  • Keep this pose in place for 60 seconds straight
  • Be sure to have your core strength engaged and the back parallel to the ground

6. Squats

  • Stand with your feet parallel to the shoulders
  • Raise the hands in-front
  • Slowly, while keeping your core and glutes tight, bend your knees down in a sitting position
  • Raise the body up to initiate the squatting pose again
  • Try 20 counts of squatting

These exercises will make sure you’re burning optimum amount of calories within a small window of time. So get on the move and lose the pounds!


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