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We all come across a new nutritional myth everyday. Something that you’ve been eating for ages could be termed unhealthy by a new research any day.

However, due to lack of trustworthy resources of information, it gets difficult to differentiate fact from myth. Moreover, benefits of few items are over exaggerated for commercial benefits. We’ve tried to bust a few nutritional myths for you. Have a look:

Myth: Remove skin from chicken before cooking to avoid fat

Chicken Myth Athelio

Cooking poultry by any means be it grilling, baking, roasting etc with the skin intact keeps its natural juices preserved. You can cook with skin intact and remove it before serving.

Myth: Consuming alcohol at night results to a good sleep

Drinking alcohol before bed can disrupt your sleep. It can interfere with your circadian rhythms that regulate almost all your body’s processes like sleep, metabolism, energy and even sexual drive. These circadian rhythms are governed by a master biological clock and alcohol interferes with its ability to synchronize itself thereby leading to problems like – poor liver function, disturbed sleep-wake cycle, depression and leaky gut.

Myth: Fat-free and Low-fat foods are always better

Low Fat Food Myth Athelio

It is generally true that low-fat foods are better as far as meat and dairy products are concerned but this doesn’t hold true for packaged foods. In order to compensate for the reduced taste due to removal of fat, manufacturers generally add not-so-healthy sugar. Its better to check the balance of fat, protein and sugar before opting for low-fat foods.

Myth: Carbohydrates are bad for you

Most people don’t know that there are good carbs and bad carbs. Yes, good carbs or complex carbs should be included in your diet. It has been seen that people eating more servings of whole grain have lower body weight and have 20-30 percent less chance of heart disease.

Myth: Eggs are harmful because of high cholesterol content

Egg Myth Cholestrol Athelio

Eggs are the cheapest superfood available to us. It rich in nutrients including zinc, iron, vitamin D and anti-oxidants. According to dietary guidelines, it is safe to have 300mg cholesterol per day. In that way, it is safe to eggs 2-3 eggs per day. Moreover, Egg yolk contains good cholesterol (HDL) which is healthy for us but if you still want to avoid cholesterol, you can eat only egg whites.

Myth: Cranberry juice can cure a urinary tract infection

There has been no concrete proof behind the reasoning that specifically  cranberry juice can treat an infection. However, drinking any juice can control the growth of bacteria responsible for causing infections by preventing them from sticking to the bladder wall.

Myth: Spicy food gives you ulcer

Spicy Food Athlelio

According to various studies, a bacteria called Helicobacter pylori is responsible for causing almost all ulcers except ones that are triggered by certain medications. However, spices can exacerbate an irritable bowel that people often mistake for an ulcer.

Myth: Carbohydrates can make you fat

This is the most common myth amongst all. “Only eating calories more than your body needs can make you fat. Period”. You can get these calories from any source – fat or protein or carbohydrates. However, its true that consuming processed sugar and foods containing refined-carbohydrates like white bread, doughnuts etc can pose risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Myth: You should eat less during fever

When you are sick, your nutritional needs increases due to increase in metabolic rate. Its true you might have a less of an appetite but there’s no reason behind cutting down your food.

Myth: Red wine is the only good alcohol available

Wine Myth Athelio

Recent studies have found that ethanol (drinkable alcohol) itself is responsible for raising the levels of protective HDL or good cholesterol and helps reduce clotting factors that results in heart and brain strokes.

Myth: Calorie intake at night can make you fat as compared to day calories

Calories are calories and it does not matter when you take them. All that matters is total amount of calories that you eat in complete day. You’ll only get fat if you consume more calories than that required by your body.

Myth: Fasting periodically helps to cleanse toxins out of your body

You body has its own system for removing the toxins from your body through liver, kidneys and spleen. However, you should keep a check on consuming toxins and unhealthy foods but there’s no evidence that proves fasting once in a while could make them do this job any better.

Myth: Microwaving is a better option to keep food nutrition intact

Microwave Myth Athelio

Nutritional loss is dependent on the amount of heat and time for which the food is cooked regardless the way of cooking. Whether you are using a grill, a solar-heated stove or a microwave, its all the same. More you cook the food, more you’ll lose certain heat and water sensitive nutrients especially Vitamin C and Thiamin.

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