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2018 has been the year of changes, social, political and albeit personal. Let us remember the promises we have kept to ourselves to better our lives, improve our habits and be our best selves.

Let us take these good vibes to the new year, working on improvement and betterment. When it comes to losing excess weight, we need to understand our personal strength and willpower to head on into the regimes. Losing focus is easy, but being consistent takes patience.

Here are a few key notes to keep in mind that helps to stay resolute to the weight loss journey.

1. Have faith

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We trust the machines we run. Just like that, keeping faith in ourselves to go through anything is a must. A lot goes into keeping a resolution to shed fat from the beginning of the year. Have a one-on-one with yourself to wake up early for the gym even if it is winter. Achieving a goal might take time but the result is sweet and rewarding. And no one will be as proud as you, wh have done it all.

2. Be Prepared

This is integral in terms of starting out fresh. For instance, waking up at 6 one fine day for a jog will be quite irritating, especially on the first day of the year. Instead, begin this December. Start rising up early for common chores and the body clock will automatically wake you up early without feeling tired. Food habits can be controlled by adding in healthy titbits to daily meals in small portions, increasing them into meals slowly. This way, you feel like each and every step is helping you achieve than a huge leap to the unknown.

3. Ask Tips from Loved Ones

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Family and friends have always been by your side with every big decision you have taken. Do not shy away from asking them for advice. Who knows, maybe a few hacks can help you plan out your routines or even gain a partner to work with.

4. Goals Should be Within Your Range

Making a goal such as losing 2 kgs in a week sounds like a dream but crash diets and unsupervised exercises are never the best options. Start small. Know the food which helps you lose weight. There should always be something healthy on the plate for each junk food you throw out. Begin with stretches, warm up before taking up any intermediate or advanced regimes.

5. Take Help Online

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Exactly what you’re doing right now. We are here to help you do your level most to achieve your fitness goal. Remember, you’re not alone. Speak to health-related groups on social media, interact with such pages, learn more and improve your schedule. Speaking to friends online, reading blogs are healthy ways to keep yourself motivated.

6. Keep a Self Image

We throw away our favorite jeans at the back of our wardrobe feeling they will never fit. Instead, keep it out, imagine the same feeling you went through upon trying it the first time. This will help you stay determined to do it again. Confidence is key and when it comes to weight loss, feeling confident in your skin in every step is very important. Even the smallest change is vital.

7. Get Yourself a Workout Buddy

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A friend is important in all aspects. But a friend with the same goals just doubles the joy of reaching your achievements. A workout buddy will be your biggest support and the toughest competitor. They will keep you on your toes at all times, comparing reaches, helping you reach new heights and being an all-around trainer, friend, and your goal.

8. Let Go of Flaws

Do not punish yourself if one day, that bowl of chips just couldn’t be left untouched. You’re a human being after all. Cravings are completely fine. Forgive and move on. Feeling like we have failed is easy to be down with but we are stronger than we think. If at any time, the fitness motivation drops, back out for a day, live the way you wish and stride in with energy to commit again.

9. Be One with The Goal

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Remember, this is the work to get the body you are in, to be fit and healthy. Take this self-improvement goal as it is, not a burden but a road towards improvement. Schedule in the way you can manage the days with the food you love to cook and exercise you benefit from. It is all about you, the goal.

10. Reward Yourself

This means cheat days. Every week can have at the most, one cheat day. On this day, go ham, get yourself the cakes you have craved, go for a fun ride, buy a dress and feel free and lively as you should. All work is hard work when we are committed enough. A gift is bound to keep us focused and on track to get the ultimate prize, optimum body weight.

Follow these few suggestions and see yourself feeling confident and ready for the new year’s resolution.


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