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Our bone structure by far, plays the most crucial part in keeping us upright, literally. Where would you be had you not had your first grasp, first walk or just plain running around. Our bone density in the body changes not only due to respective genders but the overall health of the individual. Out of us, the women are warned that with age, osteoporosis will be a common problem in the bones the moment they peak 50. For men, this can occur by any age if not taken care properly.

Overall, Osteoporosis hits with a major impact, weakening our bones, making them prone to breaking or fracture from the slightest mishaps. It is not something we’ll need to face at any point of our lives, and a few precautions can always be of use. Let us go through the small changes in life that shall keep our bones stronger and healthy.

1. Know The Prescribed Medicines

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We shouldn’t ever cut back on our medications. After-all they make sure we are keeping our lives healthy. But it is a known fact that all medicines have a slight side-effect. For this side-effect, you might have to pop another pill to maintain a balance. When your doctor prescribes a medicine for your ailment, make sure to ask about the side-effects of the pill you’re been suggested.

Chances are that cancer related medications or pills to stop seizures have a detrimental effect on the bones. These medications can target your bone density health. Not to forget, steroids and asthma inhalers are harming the bones every time they are taken in. We are not telling you to cut back on the medications as these are matters of life and death. But i is important that you consult the doctor before intake.

2. Reduce Salt Intake

Salt, if not taken in with calcium rich diet, can be the main cause of osteoporosis. What we eat everyday, has massive amount of salt content for tasting purposes. But it is harmful as salt can reduce calcium in the body. While we sprinkle just a little bit more salt on the fries, it strips off the calcium and let it pass our from the body with urine.

If it is difficult for you to cut down on salt in meals, you can always keep more calcium rich-food in meals in order to keep a balance of the nutrient in the body even after ingesting the salt. But in best case scenarios, cut back the salt and let a bone-healthy routine take the course.

3. Quit Smoking

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There is absolutely no good effects that comes out of smoking. Between birth and the age of 30, our bone structures grow and strengthen. During his time, we are more prone to get into the habit of smoking through peer-pressure or just out of a ‘slight experimentation’. Keeping our the talks of smoking affecting the liver and other organs, it also has a dangerous effect on our bone health.

As it reduces the estrogen breakdown process in the body, bone health is badly affected, as our lives gives off increased amount of estrogen-destroying enzymes during this process. Smoking not only destroys he blood vessels, cutting off blood, hence oxygen supply to the bones, but also affects the calcitonin hormone that helps to build stronger bones.

4. Limit Alcohol Intake

We might not be able to completely stray away from drinking, bu keeping a moderation can be better for the health. The body through digestion of calcium and vitamin rich food, produce bone-healing properties that helps in curing the body and provide proper nutrition. Alcohol is genuinely a bane to the digestive system that does not let calcium get be absorbed properly by the pancreas.

Excessive intake of alcohol hampers with the bone-building cells and hormones thereby leading to weaker bone structure. And a weaker bone structure only means higher chances of osteoporosis, fractures etc. But not only does alcohol decrease the body’s bone-healing and building properties, but also increase parathyroid hormones in the body, which strips off calcium from the bones.

5. Add More Calcium in Meals/Diets

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As kids, memories of being force-fed calcium inducing energy supplements through our daily breakfast is quite vivid. And it has helped us as well. Daily, we lose calcium through excretion, urine, alcohol and smoking habits. The body, specially during workout or under excessive busy schedules, go through more activities that require our bodies to be strong. This is where calcium come in.

Food ingredients such as beans, green leafy vegetables, lentin, dairy and fish are well-supplied with calcium that help build the bones and produce bone-making cells for better density. If you’re on a diet and under a strict workout regimen, the muscles and bones will go through wear and tear which need to be healed. Let your meals aid in strengthening your bone density and structure through daily ingestion of calcium-rich food.

6. Exercise Daily

Through exercising daily, we only give what’s good to the body. Different parts of our system benefits from a different workout schedule. As for the bones, go for the body-building regimen. Exercising daily has many advantages. Body-building and heavy weight workouts helping in bone tissues to form to help build denser body-frame.

If we keep a good balance between a healthy diet and proper workout, the nutrients from the meals can be broken easily through letting the body at work, thereby a smooth digestive pattern. Through exercises, the muscle and bone mass increases, providing us with a solid and healthy body. Make sure to know and follow an expert-suggested routine.

7. More Vitamin D

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Since we have already discussed as to why calcium is of utmost importance for our bone health, let us look into which nutrient makes it all happen. Vitamin D helps with the full work of making the calcium intake be of use. It helps the body absorb calcium and other nutriments in the system, which would all have passed out of the system without being of use. Calcium and vitamin D synchronize, helping grow denser and stronger bones and hence, a healthier body.

The main source of vitamin D is the sun above, but it’s not very healthy for our skin to be exposed of the now increased UV rays passing through due to ozone depletion. But no worries, we can always balance out this problem. Dawn and late afternoon (Post 4pm) are perfect to be out for a jog or walk and take in the mild and calming sunlight. For the rest of the day, be sure to add vitamin D food such as tuna, salmon, cheese and eggs into daily diet.

8. Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping is when our bodies do the most work. Throughout the day, we keep ourselves busy with activities, gobbling up snacks for energy and living our daily best. But the body never rests. While you repose, the body helps breaking down the nutrients of the healthy meals we cover throughout the day, to provide the system with its daily nourishment.

While some improve digestion, calcium and vitamin D are absorbed by the bones, providing the bones with nutriment. During sleep the amino acids helps in soothing and healing bones, help i forming bone tissues and aid to the overall improvement of our framework.

9. Add Plums to Diet

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Plums, specially in dried form, are rich in anti-oxidants which help reducing and healing inflammation in the tissues. This helps in eradicating the problems caused by free-radicals in the body. In order to keep the bone density intact, daily intake of a few fried plums can always be helpful. Plumps are also helpful when it comes to slowing down the bone-health loss process that every one faces with aging.

10. Reduce The Vibration Therapy

We mostly opt for the vibration therapies as they de-stress the body. It is recommended for better health and a rejuvenated system. But when it comes to bone health, nothing has been discussed of its advantages. It has been a recent fad that vibration therapy might help heal pains of osteoporosis or old fractures. But the conclusion has no yet been proven with practical results. You can always go for the therapies to feel relaxed and ease down. In case of bone health and repairing, follow the suggestions above.

Remember, a longer and healthy life is an achievement as well as a gift our bodies deserve from us.

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