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Every season has its own beauty. While summers make you kick back and relax on your favorite beaches, winters let you curl around the fire with a sip of your favorite coffee. No matter how charming or soothing winters could be for your mood, they could be pretty harsh for your skin.

Your skin needs extra care at this time as cold winds can strip off natural oils from your skin making it dry and itchy. Here are 10 tips that could be of help for you:

1. Remain Well Hydrated:

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Due to cold dry weather, our skin loses moisture easily. One of the effective ways to replenish it is by drinking lots of water. Even though, you won’t feel thirsty like summers but you need to keep up with your water intake so that your skin remains hydrated.

2. Keep A Constant Check On What You Eat:

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Irrespective of season or occasion, heathy eating should be on your priority always. However, you need to make small changes every now and then to provide holistic nutrition to your body. During winters, try to eat a lot of seasonal fruits especially berries- strawberries, raspberries, grapes, blueberries. Try including seasonal vegetables, soup and juices as well.

3. Do Not Exfoliate or Peel Your Skin Much

Although exfoliating is a good process to get rid of dead cells and faster regeneration of the newer ones but, exfoliating a lot in the winters could be a bad idea. It is because skin cells dehydrate and die at a faster pace during winters thereby compromising your skin already. Instead, try limiting exfoliating once a week only.

4. Prefer Natural & Home made Skincare Products

Since your skin already suffers a lot due to harsh cold weather conditions, exposure to chemicals is not at all a good idea. Try to prefer face masks and body masks that contains natural ingredients over cosmetics. Natural ingredients like aloe vera, honey, jojoba oil, avocado are good to keep moisture intact in your skin.

5. Take Extra Care of Your Feet, Hands & Eyes

Your hands, feet and eyes also require some additional gentle care during winters. While petroleum jelly and glycerine based creams are good choices for your feet, applying moisturising cream and wearing gloves takes care of your hands. In the areas, where it snows, it’s advisable to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV radiations.

6. Take Luke Warm Showers:

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When the temperature is low it feels cozy to take hot showers. But, hot water can make your skin dry immediately. It’s better to choose Luke warm water instead of hot water as it keeps your skin moisture intact. You can apply moisturiser after a luke warm shower to get a hydrated glowing skin.

7. Use Products That Maintain Humidity:

This is really important as the winter season is known to make environmental conditions dry and so is your skin affected as well. Investing in products like humidifiers will definitely help your skin to remain smooth without actually applying any products! Hence saving you from the dry, itchy skin which you would have otherwise.

8. Apply SPF Regularly:

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Combination of winter and sunscreen might sound weird to you but according to studies it is not. Sun emits two kinds of UV radiations- UVA (longwave) and UVB(shortwave). While impact of UVB is very much lessened by presence of clouds and winters, UVA is present all the year. Interestingly, UVA or the long wave is capable of penetrating in your skin. So, now you understand why it’s important to put on your sunscreen while going out in winters also.

9. Cut Down Your Caffeine & Alcohol Intake

Caffeine drinks like coffee and alcohol are known to dehydrate your body thereby making your skin dry. Who doesn’t like a cup of hot coffee on cold mornings or a glass of wine or whisky sitting next to fireplace? If you can’t completely restrict them you can consume it in moderation so that it does not dehydrate your skin.

10. Exercise

Yes! Workouts are rewarding in winters not only for your skin but for your heart also. During winters our sweat and oil glands contract a little. Exercise would make you sweat which in turn opens up your pores and flush out toxins from your body thereby giving you a glowing skin. It also helps heart to pump more blood and oxygen to all parts of our body.

You might be a person who cherish winters or someone who are not so fond of them but these simple tips can help you keep good care of your skin.

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