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Soft pillows fluffed up, fairy lights dimmed, your room is ready for your slumber. Sleep is the activity of most importance. It forms a base for your energy cycle for the next day and lays out a list of things your energy meter is ready.

The amount of energy we use everyday makes up the chart of how much sleep we need daily. It has been ingrained in our minds that distractions that cause you to tire out can put you to sleep within a few minutes. But there are healthier options for us to hit the hay. Let us look into such.

1. Turn Off Bright Lights

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It is important to give our eyes an optimum amount of rest from the glaringly bright lights that we look at all times. Our TVs, laptop screen and mobile phones get more view time than the sky probably. Avoid viewing your phone or laptops an hour before your sleep. If possible, let the room cool down from the bright LED lights by switching them off half an hour before sleep. This will get you to feel more comfortable and snug in the room.

2. No Tea or Coffee Before Bed

Any kind of caffeinated drinks of sweets are best avoided before sleep. This list includes desserts These spikes up the energy meter which can completely kill your sleep. Instead, eat fruits, curd and hings that are naturally cooling to the body. This will calm your system and help you sleep better.

3. Initiate Stretches to Help You Sleep

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There are stretches that are specially designed to relax your muscles and help you fall right to peaceful slumber. Take a few minutes before bed and try a few yoga poses to get yourself feeling eased up and comfortable. Here is a list of yoga poses which are simple, easy and can put you right to snooze after you’re done.

4. Finish Dinner Early

Eating dinner or any warm snacks before bed can ruin your sleep completely as the body feels warm and activated through new sources of energy. If you’ve planned to sleep by 11:30 to 12 am, finish your dinner by 9 pm. This will give a proper window for the system to digest your food before you lie for sleep.

5. Make the Room, Cool and Dark

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Your bedroom should be away from thew main street and devoid of any sound system or TVs. This ensures that the room is calm, cool and blare-free. Keep your bedroom design minimal as possible. This gives a sense of breathing space and tranquility in the room. Make sure your nightlights are dim as possible, giving you sense of being under the sky. Choose colors such as blue, gray and purple which provides a sense of peace as opposed to red, orange and green.

6. Sleep At your Earliest

Optimum 8 hours of sleep is absolutely necessary for all of us, however our schedules are. Start a habit of sleeping in early. If your everyday snooze time goes on at 1:30 am, begin with making it around 12 am. This way you can reduce your procrastination by a few minutes everyday, giving yourself the much needed snoring time.

7. Before Sleep Habits

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We have mentioned ‘distractions’ in the beginning of this article. There are certain healthy habits we can integrate in our habits. Grab your favorite books to bed, make some patchworks or do the simplest chores such as brushing your teeth and cleaning your face before hitting the hay. This way, all the activities will pull you closer to needing a nap.

Following these habits will ensure you sleep deeply and beautifully to wake up with the zeal and vigor you deserve.

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