Ever heard people saying that your face is your mirror? You cannot hide anything on your face and believe me the best of face washes cannot make you get rid of them. But sometimes those acnes, blisters and tanning are to be blamed onto your lifestyle blunders. When you find the root cause of your problems, it is easy to fix them.

Unwanted Facial Hair

While certain amount of facial hair is normal, unwanted facial hair can be a sign of hormonal imbalance caused due to overproduction of androgens, gonads and adrenal glands. In worst case scenarios, it can also lead to polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).


A big potential reason behind acne breakout is your unhealthy diet. This could be a result of white flour, dairy products or even processed meats. It can occur because of overproduction of sebaceous glands or due to low glycemic index diet.

Dark Circles

This can occur due to certain kind of food allergens or pollen or dairy, gluten and eggs. Dark Circles can also result from sleepless nights and insomnia or due to environmental sensitivities. There can be caused due to eye reactions.

Tiny blisters of Pimples

Have you seen people having red or white patches on their skin? Well the condition is known as keratosis pilaris which happens when you’re not getting essential fatty acids, zinc, vitamin A or omega-3. You need to add salmon, kidney beans, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, sweet potatoes and dark leafy vegetables.

Cracked Lips

Well, you’ve seen people with cracked lips and the variety of lip balms they have. They are generally a symptom of inadequate dietary niacin. While non-vegans can get it from chicken, liver and fish; vegans find it a little difficult to consume such products like chickpeas, pumpkin seeds or mushrooms.

Blisters at the corner of the mouth

Cracks and blisters are very not a common occurrence and generally are a symptom of iron and vitamin B deficiencies. Try including foods like vegetables, beans, chicken or grass feed beef. Also legumes are also a good source of iron and can replenish your body’s stores.

Thin Eyebrows

If you always had thin eyebrows; this is not your concern then. But if, your eyebrows are thinning over time it might be a sign of underactive thyroid including dry skin, weight gain, fatigue or constipation. It also indicates a hormonal imbalance.

Pale Skin

White skin is different and pale skin is different. However, pale skin is a sign of anemia indicating deficiency of vitamin B-12, B-6, folate or iron deficiency. People who consume a vegan diet suffer from certain nutritional deficiencies and impaired digestion.

Dry Skin

While dry skin is not necessarily a symptom of dehydration. So water is not your best drink here. Including omega-3 fatty acids or gamma linoleic acid may help your skin cells to retain moisture.


How great would it be if we could age more gracefully so that our wrinkles don’t appear? But you can’t control your aging process. Increasing the content of vitamin C and antioxidants in your body will help in formation of collagen. Fruits like papaya, bell peppers, broccoli, strawberries and pineapples.

Taking care of your face is primarily important for variety of reasons. But you cannot ignore the damage signs on it and hide them with cosmetics. So try including natural things in your diet for a healthy happy face.

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