Thyroid Problems Athelio Com

How often have you been asked if you’re suffering from thyroid? It is an ongoing inquiry that might irritate us. But with symptoms as common as freezing hands. Thyroid gland hormones control many of our bodily functions. Any changes in the hormones’ functions will cause the body to react differently.

Now, the symptoms are what you can call blink-and-you-miss. But with a little help, maybe you can detect the presence of hypothyroidism. Here are the few common ones we tend to oversee.

1. Joint Aches

Joint Aches Athelio Com

You might feel a prolonging ache in your joints and muscles. This will slow down your movements by a long shot.

2.Increased Weight

Your weight might increase significantly even if you have a normal food intake. Your body will hold on to excess fluid, making you gloat.

3. Constipation

Stomach Ache Athelio Com

Defecation will get harder thanks to random episodes of constipation. Even with the right meds, at times, you might not be able to help it.

4. Unhealthy Skin

Your skin might feel too dry, to a point where you start pulling off dead flakes. The lips will be chappy and irritating.

5. Tiredness

Tired Soul Athelio Com

Even with a proper 8 hours sleep, you might still feel drained and tired. Any excess amount of work will exhaust you in a few minutes.

6. Bad Mental Health

Anxiety and mood swings will be common occurrences. You might snap back even with the slightest triggers.

7. Cold Feet and Hands

Cold Hands Athelio Com

Even if it isn’t cold outside, your feet and palms might feel cold and stiff. This happens even if the room is at a warm temperature.

8. Throat Problems

There are problems with the throat such as swelling, dry coughs, and a raspy voice. This will affect the breathing pattern such as snoring or soft noises when you breathe deeply.

9. Concentration Problems

Confused Problem Athelio Com

You might not be able to concentrate properly at work. Forgetting small details will be quite common with passing days. It might get difficult to finish any pending work due to not being able to remember all the details.

10. Menstruation Problems

If you’re a woman, premenstrual stress and irregular period dates are common symptoms.

These are common symptoms we tend to ignore due to their daily occurrences in our lives. But in reality, they are the ones which help you detect the problems. Visit a doctor to know more and have the symptoms tested.

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