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Just in the 90s you had to check up on various books and newspapers to read up on health and fitness. To get to know about them you actually had to do a lot of research work. Well, now the times have changed a lot that people can actually spend some time online and find very interesting videos or articles at fingertips.

This has made a lot of people to get motivated and come to this social media platform. Some of them think they are great people when it comes to fitness and health tip-giving. Out of these, hardly some have credibility while others are just bluffing out. This particular list of youtubers will actually help you find out who’s true and who’s not! You tube has a lot of videos that can get you confused as to which to follow. Don’t worry! This list will surely help you out of this mess.

1. Dana Linn Bailey:

This lady has rocked the world of fitness. A great athlete. She was crowned as 2013’s Ms. Physique Olympian. Making her the first woman to secure this title. Although a lot of trolls have been made up on her body muscular structure she doesn’t give damn to all those mean comments! Her to-do inspiration can be great on you’ll too! Get motivated!

2. C T Fletcher:

Also known as the MASSter motivator who is a part preacher and a badass. He will make you go all the way out of your route. He will drag you all the way around. Even though you’ll whine like a baby, later on, you’ll be really glad you did it! This person can literally get you off you butt and get you inspired.

3. Chris Jones:

One of the original fitness youtubers. He just doesn’t care about all those comments he got from all those haters. As they say ‘ haters gonna hate, but Im’ma play my game’. He has great results no matter how hard it is! Which exactly proves why he is an original!

4. Mark Bell:

Owner of Team Super Training gym is a great person to look out for! This ‘Smelly’ as he calls himself, is sure to give you real fitness advice along with some of the fun videos that is sure to elevate the gaming level. If you wanna laugh out loud while also doing some workout he’s the exact person you’ve been looking for!

5. Nikki Blacketter:

Blond beauty is a newbie but has exploded with her popularity online. The bikini competitor, fitness mistress and girlfriend to another youtuber Christian Guzman is sure to keep you motivated and updated to your routine.

6. Christian Guzman:

Founder of the Alphalete Athletic clothing line, he is the walking body of fitness. The little man fitness model had started his journey 3 years ago but his honest reviews and advises are sure to make you loyal to him.

7. Elliot Hulse:

His strength is reigning all over other fitness platforms. It also has its own motto, ‘Be the strongest version of yourself’. He gets that confidence out of you and makes you believe in yourself while making you stronger and happier.

8. Bryce Lewis:

The powerlifter in 83-105 kg level is an amazing natural talent. He has a wide range of tracking, mobility and nutrition tips. He is genuine, trustable and a great down-to-earth personality.

9. Bart Kwan:

He had his debut as a comedian. But his fans sure did not miss the perfect body hidden under those wacky costumes. He has his own gym in Los Angeles. And is doing a great work through it. He is giving goals as a community.

10. Omar Isuf:

He is smart, witty and entertaining. He really knows how to combine muscles and brains together to get an effective workout. Whether you are a newbie or an athlete, his advice can get you going up.

Getting your motivation from such great personalities can actually help you be mentally ready to face all those problems together and tackle them down.

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