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Self care starts every morning. The moment we look into the mirror, off comes the toothbrush and the flosses. Ads. on toothpaste, mouthwashes and mints have long dictated our user manual regarding how long we are to brush are the other hacks.

But today, we will speak of the blind mistakes we do to keep these pearly babies healthy. The adversities are dangerous to the point where the precious sheen might be lost.

Let us get into the details of such mistakes.

1. Brushing Teeth in the Wrong Angle

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Never drive the brush straight from left to right. It is because, this stated angle does not provide enough attention to the gums. When we chew food, morsels might get stuck not only between our teeth but also above and below the gums. These areas cannot be poked with your fingers. Moving the bristles along the gum-lines will clean out the germs and food particles, having an overall cleaning.

2. Brushing for A Shorter Period of Time

In a moment of haste, we always give around 50 seconds to a minute to brush our teeth. But that just scratches the surface. What about the full mouth, gums, teeth and sides. Germs and cavities are minute and can hide in the tiniest of areas. Give at least 2 minutes to your brushing routine. At times, try washing the mouth after a minute and resume for extra intensive cleaning.

3. Avoiding the Use of Dental Floss

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The toothpicks lying in a small jar at your local cafe aren’t as sanitary as you think. Best is to reach home and floss the plaque out. These portions cannot always be cleaned by brush bristles and require that extra care. Flossing even 5 times a week can save you the trouble of having plaque deposited between the teeth.

4. Using Hard Bristle Toothbrush

Our mouth is sensitive. Even if the words go, ‘be harder on success’, you really cannot hurt something sensitive to gain improvement. Begin with medium bristled brushes, if they hurt, go for soft. It is a myth that hard bristles clean our faster, as they might injure your mouth as well if you’re not careful enough.

5. Storage of Toothbrush

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This point might be a little yucky but we have to let you know for your best. Most of us store our toothbrushes inside the bathroom. Our bathrooms have many portions, one for morning rituals, another for bathing. But the bathroom might be the most unsanitary art of our house. As we flush the commode, the water splashes everywhere. The germs in the washroom are carried about and stick to the bristles. Best place to store them would be in your room. Carry them to the bathroom each morning.

6. Prolonged Use of One Toothbrush

When was the last time you got yourself a toothbrush, not because it looked good on TV. That’s right. Every product has a shelf life ans sometimes we might need to big our bristled bud, farewell. The average lie-span of one toothbrush can go for just 3 months. The bristles wear and tear, providing lower quality of cleaning. Make sure to buy a toothbrush and store it every two months.

7. Not Using Proper Techniques

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There are many ways of brushing. We just need to learn the correct methods to achieve the pearly eyed shine. When brushing, move your brush in a circular motion along your teeth and gums. These lets the brush thoroughly clean your teeth and gums off cavities. Do not go too hard on the teeth and gums as it will only be painful and even wear out the bristles faster. Be wary not brush from left to right continuously as it wears out the soft tissue linings.

8. Following the Same Method

We need to learn not to maintain our concentration on just one part of the mouth. Most of the times, we only go with the outer teeth cleaning and gums scrub. But the inner mouth lacks attention. Even our tongues requires scraping off dead cells and remaining food under our gums. Change up your techniques routines and balance it with thrice a day tongue scraping, 5 times full mouth routine. This way, you can fully care for your entire mouth’s health.

9. Using Water Instead of Mouth-Wash

Antiseptic Wash Clean Mouthwash Mouth Fresh

After brushing, we need to spit out the toothpaste. But when we take in water in our mouth to gargle and rinse out the mixture. The problem lies where the water rinses out the flouride from the brushing off the mouth. Instead, use mouthwash that contains flouride to keep it restored into the mouth. Simply gargle and rinse out the mouth with the mouthwash to keep the work of flouride intact. Best, drink water or any beverage atleast half an hour post-brushing.

10. Brushing Too Many Times in a Day

Twice a day, once after waking up and again before bed is enough for the mouth. 4 times or 3 just strips away the enamel protective layer over our gums and teeth. Too much brushing can be overwhelming to our gums as they are sensitive areas of the mouth.

Follow these simple methods and you’ll start seeing steady results of pearly milky white teeth and beautiful smile to adorn your face.

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