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Believe it or not, nothing like a flat tight stomach that shows lines of hard work. A toned stomach is the sign of the tremendous amount of sweat and pounds we shed for the love of fitness. But not always do we have the time to hit the gym for an hour. Perfection needs patience and 10 minutes a day to sculpted abdomen is what we shall achieve. Here are some workouts that will ensure that your wishes are fulfilled :

1. Cross-Crunches

  • Lie on a mat and bring the knees up, keeping the feet on the floor
  • Put both hands over the shoulders in criss-cross manner, keeping the chin tucked up
  • Raise your upper body up while lifting the knees towards the stomach
  • Continue for 45 seconds, take 15 second rest.

2. Bridge-Crunches

  • Lie on a mat with arms behind the neck and knees bent up
  • Raise your upper body with your arms, keeping the chin up
  • Upon bringing it down, lift up the glutes and abdomen while keeping support on the feet
  • Continue for 45 seconds, take 15 second rest.

3. ISO Bike

  • Stay laid on the back with the arms behind the neck
  • Bring up both legs inches away from the ground
  • On first count, Bring the right knee towards the extended left elbow
  • On second count, return to position and bring left knee towards right elbow.
  • Make sure to move your head along with the elbows to prevent spraining
  • Continue for 45 seconds, take 15 second rest.

4. Speed Bike

  • Continue the previous exercise in similar stances but go faster
  • Keep the chin up and head moving to the direction of the elbow
  • Continue for 45 seconds, take 15 second rest.

5. Golden Gate

  • Lie on a mat with hands to each side
  • Bring your legs up perpendicular to the body
  • First, spread out your legs on both sides mid-air
  • Bring back the legs together and bend them towards the body
  • Un-bent the knees and spread them to each side again
  • Continue this for 45 seconds, take 15 second rest.

6. Side Arm o’ Crunch

  • Raise up your upper body on your right palm
  • Legs should be in air with support of the right feet, body hence forming a slanted line
  • On each count, bring your left leg bent towards the stomach and the elbow underneath the shoulder
  • Keep the buttocks and the gut tight to prevent drooping
  • Change to the opposite side for the same workout
  • Do each side for 20 seconds and take 15 second rest.

7. Hip Lift Kick

  • Lift the body up to a side on your right elbow
  • Keep the lower body oblique to the floor supported on the right feet
  • Keeping left hand on the hip, bring the left knee in towards the stomach and kick in-front
  • Un-bent the knee and bring it back to position above the right knee, ankles not touching each other
  • Switch sides and proceed with the workout
  • Continue this for 45 seconds and take 15 second rest.

8. Plank o’ Crunch

  • Bring the upper body down in plank position, resting on the palms
  • Arms should be even while holding the body up
  • Keep the legs straight with the help of the toes
  • Bring right knee out to the side, in line with the waist
  • Bring it back and proceed with the left leg
  • This can be done for 45 seconds and then take 15 second rest.

9. 3-Point Plank o’ Crunch

  • Work in the similar fashion as the previous stance, but this time, after bringing the knee out, move them inside while bent
  • After the knee are pulled in towards the core, bring them back to the straight position
  • Can be done for 45 seconds with 15 second rest.

10. Lolasana

  • Bring the body in stance to the mountain climbers
  • With one foot pulling in towards the stomach while staying on floor, bring the other foot slightly in, above the floor
  • Continue this for 45 seconds and take 15 second rest.

These abdomen crunching exercise will leave you sweating and parched, but only hungry for a fitter body. Be sure to take aid of a gym trainer while committing to his training initially.


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