Jackfruit is a very popular tree fruit in tropical regions and is gaining popularity worldwide among people who have discovered its benefits. Most of us usually do not know or overlook the health benefits of this differently looking fruit. Jackfruit can be consumed in different forms, cooked or raw and not only the fruit itself has its nutritional and health benefits, the tree, bark, leaves and seeds, and the fruit at different stages of growth have their own qualities.

Where is this fruit found?

Jackfruit is normally found in tropical countries like India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Since, this fruit can withstand tropical climates, hence it is also a source of staple diet in certain regions. Because of its growing popularity, it is now also available in other parts of the world including US.

Which season and how should it be consumed?

The season of Jackfruit is summers, the months of June to August, but its starts making its pace in the months of May and April as well. Jackfruit can be consumed in different forms, either ripe or unripe, with seeds or without seeds or just the seeds itself. It can be prepared in the form of curries or deserts.

Let’s Get to the Point: Why you should eat jackfruit?

So, let’s talk about what this largest tree fruit is made of, and how humbly we can benefit from it. It has isoflavones, ligans and sponins, all these are therapeutic nutrients. Apart from these, one cup of Jackfruit has the following essential and almost every nutrient(1) :-

• Vitamin A (10 % of RDI)

• Vitamin C (18% of RDI)

• Riboflavin (11% of RDI)

• Protein (3 grams)

• Fiber (3 grams)

• Carbs (40 grams)

• Calories (155)

• Potassium (15% of the RDI)

• Copper (15 % of the RDI)

• Manganese (16% of the RDI)

Hence, Jackfruit is packed with nutrients and has a very impressive nutrition profile. Out of the enormous benefits that fruit can offer I have tried to summarize to the ones that gets our attention!

Reverses Aging

Jackfruit can fight ‘free radicals’ that cause ageing.

Weight Loss

This contains micro-mineral copper, which is required for thyroid metabolism which ultimately results in weight loss.

Source of Protein

People who are vegan or follow vegetarianism who are into a workout regime or even protein junkies can consume the seeds, either roasted or turned into a curry to onset their amino acid profile.

Beat Bloating, Gastric Problems or Acidity

It is rich in Vitamin B6, hence it can help get rid of acidity and gas or overcome bloating in case you suffer from one. At occasion when you have overeaten dinner, this comes to the rescue.

Fights Skin Problems and Boosts Skin Glow

Being a rich source of Vitamin C, antioxidants and nutrients, it can boost skin glow and help in overcoming skin related problems, thus improving skin health.

Great for the heart

With its benefits of potassium, fiber and antioxidants, regular and controlled consumption can help fight health ailments and improve heart health significantly.

Controls Blood Sugar

It gets slowly absorbed into the bloodstream, hence although being sweet, it can safely be consumed by diabetes patients and gives all its health benefits as well. Also, it reduces glucose tolerance for diabetes.

Heals Cancer

This contains isoflavones, ligans and sponins, all of which are known to have anti-cancer properties. It can help fight different types of cancer such as breast cancer, gastric cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer or lung cancer. Its richness in antioxidants, phytonutrients can help treat cell damage.

Boots Immunity

Due to its richness in Vitamin C, Cartenoids and Flavonones, all of which are known for reducing inflammation and chronic diseases by fighting or suppressing free radicals. The antioxidants protect your cells from oxidative stress.

Supports Nervous System

Being rich in thiamin and nycin, which can help fight fatigue and muscle weakness. It is an absolutely apt source of energy if consumed in daily diet in controlled portions.

In a nutshell, Jackfruit can be savored not only for its sweetness, but also a provider of its health solutions. Let’s incorporate jackfruit into our diets and curative processes will set into work silently.

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