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The term, ‘fat’ instantaneously reminds us what to avoid in order to keep the good bod goals constant. But jumping on the hype train of crash dieting or leaving away any food with the term fat might not be the best idea. We need to know about the type of fats that are actually good for the body. Yes! they are helpful and we should let them in for the best of us.

Let us look through the benefits of saturated fats :

1. Heart Health- Lauric acid in saturated fat helps in stabilizing cholesterol levels, hence improves heart health and blood circulation.

2. Immunity- Saturated fat content in WBC(White Blood Cells) helps fighting off bad bacteria and fungi to keep the immunity system well and good.

3. Nervous System and Brain Health- Saturated fat acts as a coating over the nervous system, helping it stay safe against stress or anxiety attacks that wrecks havoc in the nerves. With this, saturated fat also helps the brain functions stabilize, improve and communicate better.

In order to gain these aforementioned advantages, we gotta munch on some healthy goodies first! So here is a list of food ingredients that are rich in healthy fat :

1. Avocados

Calories Catering Avo Avocado Avacado Appetite

Avocados are well-supplied with mono-saturated fats. This is a main component that aids in absorption of good fats through its anti-oxidants presence. This helps reducing bad cholesterol in the system and filling this gap up with healthy and stabilized cholesterol content, thereby making it an optimum heart-health inducing food.

2. Full-Fat Yogurt

Full-fat yogurt has always been pushed back from the list with the introduction of low-fat milk. But no amount of fat from dairy, if consumed in a healthy pattern can affect the body. Fat delays the absorption of milk’s sugar, letting insulin have a stabilize level in the body, preventing oncoming of diabetes and high sugar intake, With few calories and probiotic bacteria entering the system, our bodies’ metabolic rate improves, helping us maintain a balanced body weight.

3. Dark Chocolate

Tablet Cocoa Dark Chocolate Chocolate

Dark chocolate might be the most delicious and crave source of healthy nutrients and saturated fat that you can find. The cocoa seeds are rich in anti-oxidants that help stabilizing cholesterol in the blood. While milk chocolate allows high amount of added synthetic sugar enter the system, dark chocolate keeps the cardiovascular system healthy. Due to its high saturated fat content, dark chocolate has a good effect on your brain functions and health.

4. Coconut

Coconuts are good for the body and the mind, making it an all-rounder healthy food. While the high amount of fatty acids help keep metabolism improved and are digested well, it also keeps us filled for longer, reducing the need to consume junk food in order to keep ourselves full. In case of our minds, consuming coconut can help with curing Alzheimer and keep our brain functioning improving steadily.

5. Eggs

Food Raw Egg Cooking Ingredient Baking Kitchen

Eggs have a very low count of calories and bad fat, while being very high in protein and saurated fat. This helps keeping the weight stabilized. Anti-oxidants in whole eggs help with our optical health, keeping the eye protected and healthy. With protein content, eggs are really good source of weight-loss nutriments, keeping our body fit post-workout sessions.

6. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Nothing more well-scented and healthy like a few drizzles of extra-virgin olive oil on your salad. Polyphenols in olive oil act as anti-oxidants that reduce the risk of high cholesterol and inflammation in the system. Vitamin K and mono-saturated fats keep the heart healthy and keeps blood pressure stabilized in the system.

7. Fatty-Fish

Fish Sardine Canned Cod Portugal

Fatty fish improves our brain health and keeps many diseases as bay. Salmon, sardines and herring are some of the fatty fish that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, good fat and protein that help reduce cholesterol in the body. We all know that fish is good for our brain functioning, and fatty acids do their job here as well. This is because these help in reducing dementia and depression with steady consumption.

8. Chia Seeds

Like fatty-fish, chia seeds are loaded with omega-3 fatty acid, protein, fiber and saturated fat. While the fatty-acids and saturated good fat help in stabilizing the heart-health, reducing risk of cardiovascular diseases, protein and fiber keeps your stomach filled for longer, keeping junk food cravings at bay.

9. Nuts

Food Almond Fresh Brown Close Up Dry Healthy

Nuts are a healthy snack when you’re in a hurry. Its essential nutrients as  pre- and pose-workout munch helps in fibers content, keeping the stomach filled and giving energy to burn off during workout. Due to its high protein, fats and fiber helps in keeping away obesity and heart diseases.

10. Cheese

Just like full fat yogurt, cheese is rich in calcium and healthy fat that are good for the body. Cheese provides desired protein to the body, aiding in muscle growth and overall healing. Calcium is essential for bone health, wear and tear repair and growth after being fractured. All in all, this ingredient should no be ignored even if they mass mesia calls it unhealthy.

Be sure to always know about your allergies as consumption for health shouldn’t turn into a bad experience !


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