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A lot of foods are considered to be healthy. However, there are a lot of people who actually do not know what to eat and when to eat them. This leads to bad diet plans and hence bad eating habits. Even after them being healthy, some of the foods are recommended to not to be eaten on an empty stomach.

While there are many evidences that prove it to be bad, here are 10 such foods and reasons that actually point out exactly why not to have them.

1. Instant Oatmeal:

A very healthy option when it comes to oatmeal, but this is hindered when you tend to buy instant oatmeal packages that contain all those extra added preservatives and sugars. It also reduces the nutritional content that you would have otherwise got. It can also cause intestinal gas and bloating.

What to do then?

If you don’t have much time get your attention towards less sweetened ones that will also contain the adequate amount of fibre and other nutrients that could keep you fit for a long day.

2. Red Tomatoes:

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An option when it comes to high vitamins, low calories and high nutrition. But not an empty stomach. It can cause great discomfort and stomach aches when eaten on an empty stomach. These tend to cause a reaction with gastric acid present in your stomach that will cause even more discomfort. It also tends to have acid re-flux when eaten on an empty stomach especially due to its high acid content.

What to do then?

Well eating it is forbidden but when it comes to drinks you can definitely try the option.

3. Aerated Cold Drinks:

Children tend to love a lot of soft drinks but drinking them on an empty stomach would actually not be a good idea. An evening party with a tint of cold drinks might be good but surely not for a morning routine. Also there are more chances of bloating and increase in belly fat due to these aerated drinks. It also causes dehydration, high sugar intake that causes increase in weight.

What to do then?

As for morning routine, it would be best if a glass of warm water is taken. It helps in many ways such as weight loss, digestion and circulation.

4. Milk Based Yogurt:

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The idea of an ideal yogurt with fruit might be really appealing to all but when it comes to health it cannot really be termed as healthy. Specially those which are available in market tend to contain a lot of fat in them with added sugars and preservatives. Also it is not quite sure that all the yogurt may provide all the beneficial proteins that are required for the body.

What to do then?

One of the safest option is to choose a plain yogurt and honey or any fruit that you like.

5. Cereals:

The most convenient when it comes to a busy morning routine. This also allows intake of a lot of sugar content which will make you feel full for quite a short while but then eventually you’ll be craving more food than what you had before. This as you’ll know will eventually lead to weight gain. A study has inquired about it and has seen that people who consume a whole egg breakfast are full for a longer time than those who eat cereals.

What to do then?

The next time you have a busy morning and you’re tempted to get back to cereals choose the one with a whole grain cereal written on it or else even better option might be to crack an egg and have it for breakfast.

6. Raw Green Veggies:

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Most of us tend to eat salads in the morning. Especially green leafy salads. Even though they might be healthy, it sure isn’t a breakfast menu idea. Some of the consequences that makes it a non breakfast type is due to stomach pain, bloating and gas. while the reason for such consequences is that they lack fibre content.

What to do then?

As for green vegetables, they are suggested to be eaten during lunch or dinner while for breakfast there are various other healthy options.

7. Pears:

Avoiding them is suggested for breakfast. When eaten on an empty stomach, the crude fibre in them tend to damage the stomachs delicate mucus membrane. Although it doesn’t mean that pears consumption should be stopped altogether. You can still continue but not for breakfast. It is also seen that people who consume pear are less obese and have a high quality diet. the large amount of coarse fibre might become an extra load on your stomach as well.

What to do then?

Have them at any time of the day apart from morning.

8. Ripe Bananas:

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There has been rumors of the banana diet which says that eating only two bananas a morning are great for health. Even though this might be true however banana alone tend to have acid and lot of sugar content. This acid content is strong enough to damage your intestines and also the sugar will lead to drowsiness inducing sleep.

What to do then?

While eating them alone isn’t suggested, mixing them with other ingredients wont be much to hurt you.

9. Smoothies:

Taking a smoothie alone in the morning might not be the best option. It might end up being too low in calories and more sweetened and less protein. Also the grinding of all ingredients tend to lose all of the important fibre and nutrient content.

What to do then?

To avoid such issues it is recommended that taking a smoothie along with some side dish can be great to balance out the nutritious content.

10. Tangy Fruits:

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People with diabetes or those who have sensitive stomach should stay away from such fruits on an empty stomach. These fruits tend to have high acidic content which tend to create irritability, heartburn and stomach issues.

What to do then?

As a solution adding walnuts to your diet is of great help. Also those fruits that are low in carbs are recommended.

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