Exercise to make your brain healthy

Our whole system runs on how well our brain is functioning. You might think at times that you’re blanking out, but it is near-impossible to have the mind be at rest when we are awake, But with time and age, memory loss and cognitive skills slowing down are quite common symptoms.

But fear not, all can be cured so let us out our noggin to some brainstorming ideas  :

1. Read an Unusual Book

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Bookworm or not, we always have had a few books in our inventory. But who doesn’t love different genre’s. Most of the time we stick to our favorite books or authors, due to our personalized liking for the style of story-telling. Let’s start off on a new page of a genre or author you never thought reading of.

Our minds are adaptive to all kinds of situations. The moment it solves a puzzle, no activity is to accomplish. But knowledge is unlimited, so are activities. New stories and styles will jog the memory to understand a different concept from what our brains have adapted to.

2. Shop at a New Grocery Store

As mentioned above, we are quick to keep track of our daily functions. Which is why we can turn the lights on in our dark rooms without looking, by habit, Now we really can’t change houses to spice things up for he brain but surely can travel an extra mile for a little adventure. We are used to our local grocery shop, every aisle to every corner.

We  might not even have to look around. Visiting a new shop will require finding out where everyday items are keep and keep the brain active to scour round the store to understand its mechanism which will be different from your regular store. This will require calculating and thinking, two best exercise for the brain.

3. Drive a Different Route to Work

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Driving with eyes closed is a horrible suggestion but you know your route to work good enough to do it anyway. Every corner, red-lights countdown, street-shops and when to turn the steering-wheel, its almost as if the hands and eyes mechanically move to the chosen directions. This can get bland and we all know the earth is round, so every destination points have more than 2 pathways.

Take that second way, you might find new stores around the new blocks, some even useful or just intriguing. The brain needs to adapt to the new pathways and signal-rules and fresh view of a completely different route. This is a small adventure that will help jog the mind to remember the route for future use.

4. Go for a Swim

Swimming is a fully intensive workout that requires optimum stamina and good muscle strength. It it known fact that more you sit around all day, without any or just with regular activities, life can get very mundane. The brain does not require to command the body for any extra function.

Swimming helps stir up the neurons and activate the body for a fun yet challenging activity. Go out and enroll yourself at a club, weekend pool parties or just casual swimming, let your body and mind flow through the water and be the calm before any storm.

5. Daily Strolls

Taking A Stroll Athelio Com

Taking a brisk walk after lunch or dinner, unfurls a stressed mind and the fresh burst of sweet breeze can be calming for the nerves. Our brain needs enough rest to be able to function on an everyday basis. Our body is mechanical in sense that all parts of our systems require a rest period or it might fail. Taking a walk lets you meet and greet people, observe the tiny yet impactful moments in nature and just re-energizes your neurons for a new day.

6. Get Cooking

As desk job holders, some of you might have order-ins every other days, or a swift cup of coffee right before work. Taste of the most delicious food can also be bland by repetitive consumption. Cut some time out and serve yourself a soulful meal.

Cutting back on the regular meals you re-heat out of containers can lead to a monotonous habit that require breaking. Simple pasta, grilled chicken or the age old soul-food, a bowl of noodle soup will require the brain to exercise and work for measurements and concentrating, giving a spark in the otherwise busy life.

7. Hard-Mode Gaming

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Contrary to popular belief, gaming is not detrimental to mental health. For all we need to know, it might help jog the memory. Strategy video or board games require observing, calculating every move, solving puzzles. Heck, we all know modding a weapon or Armour in Warframe or or creating a character of a Dwarven Bard for Dungeons and Dragons are not rocket science.

But it is as thrilling and a challenge to go through stories and tactics of video games or highly-strategic board games which require the brain to plan out routes and initiate survival mode at the blink of an eye.

8. Coffee is The Answer

Coffee is a stress-buster and mood-enhancer. It is the go to answer for not only jump-starting the system for chores but also to kick back and relax. Ask a pal out for a cup of coffee. Sit down, lounge and engage in soul-warming conversations to your heart’s content. This prevents loneliness that can also trigger the brain to drown in negative thought. Good friends and a warm cup of coffee are always what a happy break needs.

9. Rely on The Map

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Navigation systems in our android or iphones have made it easier to locate places faster than a speed of light. Almost, to a point where, discovering new areas are not as adventurous as they have been Ditch the navigation system and online map and discover the area you’ve been looking far.

This will help strike conversations with passerby’s and finding more than what you wished to. It helps in letting the brain coordinate the locations and memories small details of the road traveled.

10. Learn Something New

There are infinite skills to learn. There is no limit. Not even age. Every skill requires practice and knowledge. Sign int an activity class you’ve always wanted. Be it karate, pottery or even painting. These are but a few examples and there are many more to browse through. This helps in adding a new flair to life and more goals to achieve. It keeps the mind happy and preoccupied, needing it to retain instructions

Possibilities are endless and treating the brain to the new and excitement is the smallest give we can hand it for simply keeping us to live and experience them all.

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