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Well, if we start off with our age-old tradition one can see a coconut in the picture. Initially, I thought of coconut as a round object capable of just helping out in the preparation of food or so. Well later on it turned out that this round object has no fewer capabilities. Here is a short summarized list from a huge amount of tasks this particular round object can do.

1. Moisturize your skin:

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  • The lotion we use for daily purposes may contain a lot of chemical in them which is a known fact.
  • Do you still really think this product can moisturize your skin? Oh please no!
  • This is where coconut oil has its benefits.
  • It not only deeply conditions your skin but also keeps it soft for days and days as compared to those chemically filled lotions.
  • There are some who really hate oily products but when you get a natural product why go for those which can harm you?

2. Weight loss:

Coconut Oil Food Use Athelio

  • Well I bet there is no one who just wouldn’t care about their size.
  • Trust me when I say I care about it a lot that most of my days are spend thinking how am I to lose the fat present in me.
  • Here’s coconut oil which you might think is again a source of fat.
  • No you’ve got this wrong.
  • One of the advantages is that its made up of medium chain fatty acids unlike other saturated fatty acid products.
  • This change in composition will definitely help you lose some of those count.
  • Also having 2 tablespoons of coconut oil whole craving those under value food is a definite method to know where you’re heading to!

3. Energy Booster:

  • Ever felt low that you can’t even move a finger? If that’s the case use coconut oil as your personal energy booster and hence generating a full power boosted day in your life.
  • Some people also feels like it boosts their mental alertness.

4. Soothe fly relief:

  • Say bye to all those dreadful mosquito nights where you stay up late and keep on scratching till blood oozes out(it’s gross!) because a small application of this little secret ingredient can help you gain the sleep you’ve been wishing for!

5. SPF lip balm:

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  • Lips can get quite annoying during winters or summers.
  • Protection should be one of the priorities during these times.
  • It’s not like they can be saved from those “burning rays” by some “lip scarves” or “mouth mittens” (which is obviously not available).
  • Here’s giving shout to my own homemade SPF lip balm where it not only helps protecting lips from those burning rays but also keeps it moisturized for a long duration.
  • It’s a simple process just mix some of the coconut oil with your favorite lip color and viola! You created your own lip balm.

6. Make-up remover:

  • Your face is what represents who you are and it’s care should be number one priority for each and every person.
  • Especially ladies who put their make on while sleeping is a big NO!!  If you don’t have a makeup remover use some coconut oil to instantly clear up your face leaving it moisturized for a long while.

7. Massage oil

Coconut Oil Massage Athelio

  • After a tiring day from job who wouldn’t love to have a massage.
  • It’s benefits are countless.
  • Even without paying extra money for the extravagant massage you could just apply a layer of coconut oil and massage at home.
  • This will help your budget while being pocket friendly.
  • You can also add some of the essential oil to feel yourself amidst luxurious moments.

8. Remove chewing gum:

  • Isn’t it gross to find out your kid sticking those chewing gum under your desk or under chairs.
  • Also when you find out you’re gonna lose your big chunk of hair, what will you do? Coconut oil has an unknown way to get stuff done.
  • One such use can be removal of chewing gum no matter where it’s  stuck or on what.
  • Rub it thoroughly over the chewing gum and let it sit for 2 to 5 mins or more(if needed).
  • Then use a soft cloth to wipe it away.
  • Follow up with a mild rinse to remove excess oil.

9. Bath oil:

  • Those hard municipal water can give your sensitive skin a lot of rashes.
  • Soften them up by adding a little to your water and enjoy its lovely aroma while also keeping your skin healthy.

10. Prevent stretch marks:

  • It is one of the problems faced by most of us if you know what I mean.
  • To all those people who lost weight indeed have those marks which help you remind of those dreadful nights.
  • Here’s a way to clean them off your memories and your body.
  • Rub some onto your body twice a day and you will definitely see the difference.

So why not? Here are some(only some) of the applications of coconut oil while you can use it for many other purposes. Also never stay back from trying new inventions and try making it even more interesting!

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