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We live in an era where we literally have messed up lifestyles. We are sleeping less, our food lacks nutrients and we give very less attention to our bodies that it essentially needs. The most visible impact is seen on our appearance, how we look. All the while being in just the ripe ages, we tend to look like someone who has seen it all. Wrinkles, dark circles, early greying hair are some issues that have become very prominent nowadays.

We’ve compiled a list of tips that might help you to take control of your body clock and keep your appearance young and fantastic:

Get Rid of Bad Sleeping Habits

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Professional stress affects sleep pattern not only by the lack of time but also by keeping mind under pressure to remain continuously active 24/7. All internal organs require rest like machines do as overworking heats up and breaks the parts easily.

Similarly, lack of proper sleeping hours leads to skin cells to dry out, leading to a shabby appearance, lack of energy, a lower performance in tasks and adverse changes with endocrine(kidney) functions. It has a mortally dangerous side effect of cutting down on life span. Alas! here we see ageing is not just limited to facial beauty.

Avoid Multitasking

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Multitasking leads to loss of focus that reduces adequate concentration to finish one task. Every activity feels like a distraction all at once and concentrating on a whole leads to stress and rise in blood pressure.

These stress levels lead to skin ageing as there is no rejuvenation under an overactive brain. It is suggested to form schedules so no task interferes with the other leading to an imbalanced work life.

Stop Excessive Intake of Sugar

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Stress-eating habits developed due to emotional requirement of indulging in luxuries for the sake of forgetting busy schedules. Not only does it lead to health problems, but continuous intake of high-calorie or fatty foods destroy a well nourished body.

This leads to under-eye puffiness, making wrinkles and fine lines appear faster than the age needs. High sugar and fat intake leads to fatigue which in turn, slouches a body making it lose its look of youth.

Avoid Sitting Too Much

Sitting for longer intervals prevents regular flow of blood. You burn lesser calories than otherwise active state and it might clog the heart as well. It can also lead to weakening of bones and lack of activities/exercises might also impact efficiency of our brain. The body and the mind habituate to the lifestyle of an old being with the increasing back and knee joint aches to lack of energy.

Avoid Using Too Much Cosmetics

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While excessive foundation causes breakout around the cheeks, concealers can lead to blemishes. Expensive or medicated, allergic reaction to the harsh chemicals can range from rushed skin ageing to even cancer. It depletes the natural sheen of a skin to fill in the pores with powders that does not let the skin to retain the moisture by itself.

Give Importance to Eye Care

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With ageing being one common cause for dark circles, one ought to try natural anti ageing serums under eyes as it soothes the puffiness from tugging and pulling, while keeping the skin hydrated. Make sure that the brand being used has Vitamin C for hydrating effect and peppermint to soothe the irritation from long exposure to screens at work. It is best to start using creams early at mid 20s so by the time the stress gets to one, the healing process has already begun.


Body posture is really important for a better mental and physical well-being. It might seem like a relaxing pose but in real it stresses the spine to change its shape to bend in an unnatural fashion. It also puts excessive pressure on key organs such as lungs and liver, not to forget, the heart. Similar to sitting, it burns less calories and halts the heart from performing its tasks. With all the systems working haphazardly, the body stresses out towards a more tired, slumped and aged look.

Refrain Sipping Through a Straw

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The action of puckering the cheek causes wrinkles to appear at a faster rate, Sipping requires the cheek muscles to shrink into a pipe-like structure thereby stretching the skin outside. This causes the skin around the cheekbones and chin to sag down and have an unappealing wrinkled formation. It is best to avoid straws, specially narrow ones as they require the most puckering.

Cut Bad fats & Trans fats from Diet

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Fatty foods can be divided into two categories, the oily fried snacks and the good fat such as cheese, dark chocolate and whole eggs.  Fish such as herring and mackerel contains omega 3 fats that keep the heart healthy. Hazelnuts provide the same advantage but should be consumed in moderation. Most pocket friendly option is a hard boiled egg, containing little more than 4gm of fat along with omega-3 fat as well.

Start Using Sunscreen

With the ozone layer depleting, the skin requires extra protection from the UV rays. Sunscreens reduces chance of dark spots and also helps reducing the appearance of red veins and blotchy patches, slowing down the development of wrinkled or premature aging skin. Remember to always check the SPF range that suits individual skin and keep a tube at all times. Generally, SPF greater than 30 is advisable.

Indeed, we are all victims of fast paced lifestyles where we have lot less time to take care of ourselves. But, it is actually possible to prevent early ageing by keeping a check on these practices. Pamper yourself, you are worth it!



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